30 in 30


  1. Buy a new car March March 2013
  2. Run a 5k  <--still working on the running the whole race thing....
  3. Fall in love
  4. Get a full-time job I love Working at UNC fulltime! November 2012
  5. Travel back to Europe
  6. Take a trip to Savannah & Atlanta, GA
  7. Read the Bible cover-cover
  8. Move into an apartment and have fun decorating it Moved into an apt. Nov 2012 but I am still working on the decorating it completely.
  9. Go on a blind date
  10. Get married
  11. Go back to visit San Antonio, Texas (my birthplace)
  12. Buy a house
  13. Go on a road-trip
  14. Run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon
  15. Go to a Country music concert  Blake Shelton August 2013
  16. Pay off my student loans
  17. Adopt a pet (most likely a dog but we shall see)
  18. Go to Disney World
  19. Have a dinner party
  20. See a Broadway show in New York City
  21. Lean my Momma's perfect apple pie recipe
  22. Become a Mom
  23. Send out Christmas cards to my friends and family  December 2013
  24. Travel to Charleston, SC
  25. Find an organization to volunteer my time to  Volunteering with Summit Kids (church's sunday school) teaching Pre-K every week
  26. Throw a surprise party
  27. Take ballet classes or pure-barre I took a pure barre class March 2013 and boy was it not what I was expecting. Here is to more fitness adventures.
  28. Keep a prayer journal for a year+
  29. Visit 5 top art museums in the US
  30. Enjoy each of my Birthdays leading up to the BIG 30
    1. I spent Birthday 23 with my amazing small group, a small party with co-workers and a nice weekend at home!
    2. Celebrated 24 with a wine/cheese/cupcake party and a nice relaxing weekend at home(my parent's house.

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