Thursday, November 29, 2012

WILW: Delayed

Hey y'all,

I know that today is Thursday but I was finishing up my blog awards I didn't have time to make a WILW post.

I am loving.... job! I am still transitioning into my position but I love my co-workers and I am getting more comfortable with my position and being back at Carolina. I just can't wait to decorate my desk in less than two weeks when it officially becomes mine! family! It was great to be home this past weekend with my ENTIRE family. Being a family of four kids and three of us having full time jobs around the country it can take a bit to get us all together. Let me tell you though, we are a hysterical bunch and I loved being back with them surrounded by great food. We watched lots of movies and hung around my parent's house for the majority of the weekend. NO BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING FOR ME!

...Rise of the Guardians. I went and saw this movie with my family (and jCm who I took home for the holiday). It is such a cute kids movie and yes the youngest in my family is 20 but we all enjoyed the film and I highly suggest it if you enjoy kids movies.

...these shoes from Ralph Lauren. I am waiting for a sale before I splurge on them as a Birthday present for myself in January.
Adelisa Jeweled Velvet Flat

...reading. I am back in the swing of things reading constantly (it helps to only have 15 channels of TV and no internet) so I am always on the hunt for a great read! SUGGEST AWAY!

...that I am almost unpacked! It has taken forever but I am down to three boxes and my goal this weekend is to have a completely unpacked apartment!

What have you been loving this week?

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  1. I absolutely love Ralph Lauren shoes, just purchased a pair of lovely heels by him. Those flats are adorable! xox



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