Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sally Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

 Hey y'all,

While the school year is quickly approaching and we all think back to the time that August meant back to school shopping for new school supplies and the perfect first day of school outfit I thought I would share some of the basics on building a work wardrobe. I know that it has taken me a few years since graduating college to build my wardrobe and I thought I would share some tips and tricks along with some of my favorite items for all of those college graduates transitioning to the work world or those of you who love looking at adding some basic essential pieces to mix-in.

Your basic shell. I think shells are an essential to any wardrobe and luckily you can find them in any price point for those just starting out on a tight budget or those that have a bit of wiggle room. They are great tucked into a pencil skirt or toss on a cardigan or blazer with a black pant and you are ready for the boardroom.


Also, to add some shells to your wardrobe without braking the bank, LOFT's Friends and Family sale started today with 40% off everything using code SHAREIT. If you are on the email list you even get an additional 20% off coupon for LOFT Outlet stores.

And, don't forget that the Kate Spade Surprise Sale ends tonight! Shop the sales and work on building that work wardrobe!

Where are your favorite places to find work clothes?


  1. love that first look, perfect for work!

  2. Umm sad confession: I had no idea those were called shells, if that gives you an idea of where I stand on work-appropriate attire... Haha this is definitely the kind of post I need to read as I start student teaching this year!

    1. hahaha, no worries. That is what I'm here for! YAY for student teaching! That is exciting. It has taken a long time to get to wear I feel like I have a solid work wardrobe so no worries!


Thanks for the sweet note!