Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sister, Sister

Hey y'all,

This past week has been very exciting and therefore, blogging has been at the bottom of the to-do list. But some of the most exciting things this week involved family. I learned that my favorite cousin and her husband are expecting! I can't wait to go shopping for her and the little one in the coming months, to bad we are going to have to wait until Spring to see the little guy or gal. Apart from that great news I spent the weekend with my parents in celebration of my father's birthday! I will not reveal his age but I am so proud and glad that I was blessed with him as a father.
Daddy at my graduation in May rocking UNC even though he's a UMD Terrapin. 
And another exciting thing to happen this past week was BID DAY! Phi Beta Chi's Kappa Chapter welcomed some adorable little lambs and I can't wait to meet all of them especially since one of them will join my family as my great-grandlittle.
The New Members

The Whole Chapter at Bid Day
My adorable glittle and little in the plane since it was a flying theme.
Now speaking of sisterhood, I have been loving finding my sorority sister's blogs! It is so great to see what is happening in their lives on a daily basis so I figured I would share them with you!

Christina's style blog Style Storm perfectly describes her. Christina is so sweet and I'm so excited to share her blog especially since we were Associate Members together. I miss her dearly now that she no longer lives in the state of NC but I was blessed to see her a few times my Senior year and hopefully I will be able to visit her in the future. 
The beautiful Christina! This is from her photo shoot with Nikki Lugo and you can read more about her style and outfit HERE
Whitney. Although Whitney graduated before I became a member of PBX I did meet her through older sisters and Alumni events. I am so excited to hear all about her upcoming wedding and all the other exciting happenings and crafts she gets up to through her beautiful blog, Blessed Southern Tarheel.
The beautiful Whitney!
Caitlin. Caitlin is seriously one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and I am very blessed to have her as a sister and a role model as she was even the President of PBX when I was a member! Her beautiful blog, Catholic Cookie Jar discusses a lot about love, relationships, and faith especially through her own relationship with her husband Thomas. It is a great read no matter your marital status and together they are a strong couple in their faith and love for one another.
Caitlin and her husband, Thomas. I still can't believe that they have been married for over a year now. 
McKenzie & Brian. McKenzie, a sweet sister writes about her and her husband's adventures especially since they are moving across the ocean to Japan. Their relationship is similar to Caitlin and Thomas, built on faith and love and such an example. I await more updates on their life as a military couple surviving the big adventure in a foreign country.
McKenzie and Brian are bound for Japan!

Travis. Travis, another sweet sister (let's agree that all of my sorority sisters are sweet!) has just begun to blog about finding the little moments in life at The Little Moments, finding the beauty in the uncertainty. As a SENIOR this year at UNC I understand the need to capture the small little moments of beauty.  I can't wait to read more about her adventures as a senior and beyond since I know she will be successful post-grad.

I hope you find some great reads on my sorority sister's blogs!


  1. What a sweet post! I just love how you highlight all of your lovely sister friends!

  2. Happy birthday to your dad! :)

    And looks and sounds like you have some amazing sisters!!

  3. Aw, yay! Happy birthday to your dad. Congrats on the new lambs!

  4. Girl, you are too sweet and you are making me miss the sorority so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)


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