Monday, February 18, 2013

Alumni from the other side

Hey y'all,

This weekend was plenty eventful so I am sorry that I didn't post regularly. Between the snow falling most of Saturday and that night babysitting a precious set of twins and their brother. As well as Sunday filled with church, a Phi Beta Chi Alumni Event and the crazy revelations on Once Upon a Time & the "Christmas Special" of Downton I am still trying to settle into this week.
Me and my pseudo glittle and little.
Some of my favorite alums. I am so blessed to have know these girls for the past 5 years! EEK!
I absolutely loved hanging out with some of my favorite sorority sisters past and present. While my Big was not in attendance it was nice to hang out with my great-grandlittle and get to know her more as well as have her meet some of the most influential sisters that graduated with me. It can be hard to keep connected to individuals upon graduating from college but I am blessed to have PBX and an amazing group of alumni. It means that we can always stay connected with yearly get togethers to chat, remember the good times, and die of laughter over small things (all while consuming amazing food). Sisterhood truly lasts a lifetime and I can't wait for a few more years to pass and see all of the families stay connected to UNC and PBX! Sorry for the rambling!

Peace and Blessings,

ALSO: I thought those of you who are Downton fans would appreciate my Mom's text to me following the final episode last night. As I quote, "OMG." If you know my mom, this is hysterical.


  1. So, Phi Beta Chi was the local version of my sorority before we went national with Kappa Kappa Gamma! That's crazy!

  2. I love reuniting with my sorority sisters now that I'm an alum. It's so nice to have time to catch up with them!! I haven't seen this week's Once Upon a Time yet (and I'm not a Downtown Abbey watcher), but I've heard both were exciting last night!

  3. It's still a little weird remembering that I am an alum, sometimes! But I love that so many of my sisters and I live in the same area! It makes it a ton of fun!

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  4. It sounds like you've been so busy!! I'm catching up on Downton.. just finished Season 2, but my roommate said the same thing about last night's episode. I've gotta get caught up!!

  5. I recently visited my college and was a little overwhelmed with my alum status.i hadn't seen most of my sisters since in May and it was so much fun. We do Spring Recruitment as our big recruitment and it was so weird to be introduced to the freshman as Kailey, the alum.


Thanks for the sweet note!