Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top 5 Tuesday

Hey y'all,

Yes, it's me. I know I have been absent most of April but it has been crazy busy over here between work, helping my sorority, pet sitting, visiting family, Easter and so much more that I would think of posts to write but would never have the time to sit down and write. I am glad that May is coming and I know I will have a lot more free time for the entire summer!

Anyhow, I am glad for your feedback from my giveaway and now have a bit more knowledge of what you want to see over here on my piece of the internet. Now I would love to fill you in on every detail I will just post a few pics in a post tomorrow. Now let's move on over to Rachel's link-up of the Top 5 Tuesday{What's in Your Bag} edition!

I'm currently using the Longchamp Le Pilage Large Tote Bag in black as my everyday bag. I am debating about getting the smaller version eventually but this bag has been going strong for almost 5 years(including lots of heavy college text books) with minimal wear showing. I even used this as my bag for my weekend at home with my parents this past weekend.

Longchamp Le Pilage

So I just cleaned out my bag because of it being my luggage. Here is what is currently in my bag.

1. My Planner. I purchased this Kate Spade New York planner from Lifeguard Press and I love it! You can read more about my love for this agenda from this post.

2. Wallet. I purchased this Hobo Lauren wallet from a RueLaLa sale a while back and I love this thing. I mean I can grab it, toss in my phone, and I am out the door with keys in hand. Perfect for quick trips to the grocery store or out to visit friends.

3. Pens & Highlighters. So I have to always have a pen on me. What if you have a brilliant idea for the future and you do not have a pen? I keep my collection of Sharpie pens for my agenda, Lilly Pulitzer highlighters, and a few random pens in a Vera Bradley small cosmetic case so that in case a pen explodes the rest of my items are ok. I also keep my Burt's Bees chapstick and a few hair ties in here.

4. A book. I am that girl that will not purchase a bag unless it can accommodate a book. I was raised to always have a book on me in case I was incredibly early to a location or to escape while on my way home in the back of my Mom's car. It is something I always have even on days I know I will not need it. Sometimes I have my nook Simple Touch instead of a physical book but reading material is essential.

5. My phone. It is not pictured since I took this lovely gem with my iPhone this morning on my desk at work. I love my phone and I try to remain a bit detached as I know some whose phone never leaves their hands. I don't have many apps on my phone for a reason but I love checking Instagram and feeling connected to friends and family.

Honorable Mentions: my work id (I mean how else could I get into the parking garage or my office), my prayer partner's card (each week at small group we pick a name and pray for that person specifically that week), my keys (kind of essential), and my notebook filled with to-do lists, food journaling, and much more.

What is in your bag?

Just Peachy

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