Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stripes and Polka Dots: Kate Spade Agenda

Hey y'all,

Finally I have a computer and can post on my Kate Spade planner! I know that my Erin Condren Life Planner review is one of the most popular posts on this little piece of the internet so I had to tell you all about my KS planner. While I loved the customization of the EC planners the way the planner was set up is not practical with my life and I hate that there are no lines in the planner. I bought the EC planner before I had my full time job and while I used it, my life with my job does not fit into morning, noon, and night categories. Also, I carry my planner everywhere so the EC was a bit on the large and bulky side not to mention pretty heavy. I am a super picky planner person so please do not take my review as the end all be all. 

I ordered the Kate Spade agenda from Lifeguard Press once all the options were revealed since I had been contemplating a new planner for the new academic year after a year of the EC life planner working but not being in love with it. 
I purchased the 2014 agenda in black stripes (it is currently sold out at Lifeguard Press and Swoozies but there are other cute patterns available). I love the mix of blush pink, black, white, and gold. I am a huge fan of kate spade new york and of course this planner looks lovely in my Flicker Sophie bag.
The agenda opens to reveal fun festive polka dots as well as a place to write your name and address if your precious agenda goes missing as well as a pocket to collect any loose papers. I always put the mail I need to send out in the pocket as a reminder.
Following the pocket is a section for random notes. I am one of those people who hates to mar this section with notes and lists so I try to use it sparingly unless it is my last resort. I think I just like the look of nice, clean, lines.
Each month is tabbed for easy access and the tabs are laminated. That was one of the things I loved about the Life Planner and was glad to see that the Lilly Pulitzer planners fixed this year. Each month features a saying and inspiration for the month on a blush colored page. October reads "be the first.  it's more important that first place."

Now onto the meat of the planner with the pretty cream pages. Each month is placed over two pages with a notes side on the left. I tend to only write major things on the month at a glance page such as friends in town, sorority meetings, days off from work, etc. 

Yes I have a color coded section and it is the only thing that keeps me sane. Here is a week from the beginning of September right about the time my computer died.
I love that the agenda is set up similarly to the Lilly Pulitzer agenda that I used in college but without the little designs everywhere or the sticker pages. If you love your Lilly Pulitzer agenda and are about to enter the work world check these planners out. I love the large amount of space for each day and all the lines. In college I had a color code system per class and now each category of my life has a particular color(I use the Sharpie pens in various colors).

What planner do you use? Are you a color coded person like myself?


  1. This was so helpful! I've just started looking for a new agenda for 2014, and while I love my Lilly one I wanted something a little more grownup. These Kate Spade ones look perfect

  2. I love how pretty this is, especially the color combo. I love my Lilly planner, but I always feel a little too "loud" at work.

  3. Love this! I agree with you that once you're out of college, the Lilly planners can be a bit much. No one wants to pull out their ridiculous neon colors during an important interview!


Thanks for the sweet note!