Thursday, May 15, 2014

Life at Carolina

Hey y'all, 

I came across this video one of the recent alumni of UNC created. It is a quick glimpse into life at Carolina as Katie Quine compiled daily clips of her life during her senior year at Carolina. This video just reminds me of all of the wonderful times I had as an undergrad and I cannot believe it has been six years since I took a leap of faith and chose Carolina and two years since I received my diploma. I am blessed that I work for UNC now but I know the experience as a student is vastly different than as a postgrad. For all of y'all still in school or not even in college yet, cherish your time and remember that you learn more throughout college including lessons not taught by a professor. 


I can honestly say that trips to cookout are memorable (it is a 20 min drive to Durham). Yes, it rains a lot in Chapel Hill and snow days are few and far between. Yopo is still the best (and cheapest) frozen yogurt on Franklin street. I never finished a cross word in the DTH. Who knows how many hours I spent in Davis library? Yes, Dance Marathoners are that crazy in the pit and most of us avoid them during their recruitment weeks. There are countless more memories from college but this captures some pretty memorable ones from a typical Senior Year at UNC.

What makes your University stand out? What are your favorite memories from college?


  1. OMG this is so crazy that I saw this come up on your blog! This is one of our DTH alumni, she's the best and her video is so perfect!


Thanks for the sweet note!