Monday, August 27, 2012

Julep Maven


Hey y'all,

So last week I posted about Julep the nail polish company and their box service known as Julep Mavens. I received my box last week. YES, I ordered on the 22nd and had it in my hands on the 24th. That is some quick shipping if I do say so myself.

A quick explanation of Julep Mavens. Similar to services like Birchbox where you pay to receive samples every month, Julep sends at least two of their nail polishes each month to your door for $19.99 with a retail value of at least $40. You begin by taking a style quiz: it's 10 quick questions of things such as which red carpet look do you prefer. After that you are categorized as: It Girl, Boho Glam, American Beauty, Classic With A Twist, or Bombshell. I was categorized as Classic With A Twist but I know that I also identify with American Beauty. The categories correspond to the different boxes you receive and you are not limited to your box. As a Maven, each month you can see what the various boxes will contain and CHOOSE which one you would prefer or even skip the month. I am currently skipping September since I just received my colors and want to have some time to enjoy them, but I looked at the September colors for Trina Turk collection and they are gorgeous! You can read all about the colors on Julep's blog HERE.

So here are some pictures of my first Maven box. Sign up HERE and enter the code COLOR2012 to get your first Maven box for a penny and free shipping! Yes, I ordered with that code and paid a penny for all of the following:

The beautiful box and YAY for 1st class shipping. 
The really cute small reusable bag I got.
"Beauty is about connection. Not competition."
Sorry it is sideways.
I received along with the reusable bag, Emma, Renee and The Best Pedi Creme Ever.
Emma is a white pearl with lots of shimmer and Renee is a beautiful grey lavender color.
Without Flash.
Emma on my thumb nail. I have Essie's Turquoise & Caicos on the rest of my nails. 
I am so pleased with my purchase and the amazing customer service at Julep. With amazing shipping and great coupon codes you can't lose adding some Julep nails to your nail polish collection. I can't wait to see what the October polishes will be, yes I know it is only the end of August but today all of the September boxes were sent out, so if you still want to order, hurry up for Trina Turk's Collection.


  1. This sounds like SUCH a cool company and service!! I think it is being added to my list of things I'll buy once I have a career!! :)

  2. I looked into ordering a box but I wasn't sure if it was worth it! It's cool that they sent you some pedicure lotion. I'm so hard on my feet with all of the sandals I wear. The colors are pretty too!

    1. I thought for a penny I couldn't lose. I feel the same way. I love getting pedicures since sandals can be rough on my poor feet.

  3. I love that color, its gorgeous on your nails! Perfect for fall too, maybe a statement sparkle nail with a more subdued color on the rest - too perfect :)

  4. I have this coming my way! I can't wait to try it glad you liked it. Makes me even more excited!

  5. I'm so glad you suggested this! I just placed my order and I am pumped to try it!

  6. Getting my second box! :) I got classic with a twist as well.

  7. did you really get this for a penny!? I've been wanting to try julep for a while now!

    1. YES! When I checked out with the code it dropped the total to $0.01!


Thanks for the sweet note!