Thursday, August 16, 2012

OOTD and New Hair.

Hey y'all,

I have been working mid-shifts all week so I don't have a lot of time to blog in the morning between applying for other jobs. But here is as promised my new hair. I decided to let my hairstylist do whatever she wanted. She mainly just trimmed off the split-ends and shaped up my hair. I love it and love that she told my that my hair was looking good and healthy! Now I am currently bored with my shampoo and conditioner (this happens a lot) and I tried out a small bottle of Wen for a week but it wasn't for me. I guess I will use it as a deep conditioner. So please feel free to leave your favorite shampoo and conditioner in the comments!
Shirt: Forever 21 V-neck
Belt and Skirt: Target
Watch: Target
Shoes (Not pictured): Platinum Jack Rogers
Ring: Square Monogram Ring
Necklace: Phi Beta Chi Letters
Bag: Black Large Le Pilage Longchamp with Pink Ribbon
BEFORE: Curly Mess...

YAY For a Blowout!
YAY for highlights instead of roots. It had been almost a year since I had colored my hair.
Long side-swept bang
One Happy Girl.
I feel like I would now be recruitment ready after hearing all about the SEC Recruitments currently going on and seeing all my sisters move into the house over the past week. 

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Love the hair! I have naturally currly, kinda frizzy hair that I ALWAYS either curl or straighten, so it gets a lot of heat. I actually just use Aussie shampoo and conditioner but I swear by their 3-minute deep conditioner. It leaves my hair super silky!

    Also, I totally know what you mean about how weird it is seeing your sisters prepared for recruitment/ move into the house without you! I graduated a year early so all of my PC is now going back for their senior year and it's so sad to not be a part of it.


  2. your new hair cut is cute!!

  3. Love your hair!! And your outfits are adorable! :)

  4. Pretty girl, pretty hair and pretty outfit :)

    My NEW favorite shampoo and conditioner is the Organix Argan Moroccan Oil line! You can find it at Target, Ulta...anywhere! It's reasonably priced but works wonderfully!


Thanks for the sweet note!