Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hey y'all,

This past weekend through all of my packing and apartment hunting and a super long to do list I was able to find time in my busy schedule to attend the Big/Little reveal of Phi Beta Chi Kappa Chapter! This semester my family has a wonderful new addition, my great-grandlittle, cFm!

Big/Little is done differently by every sorority and even individual chapter but a run down of how our Big/Little works is that all of the new members and Bigs fill out surveys with fun questions like favorite candy, favorite  movie you have seen recently, song that describes your life (both me and my gglittle put Taylor Swifts "You Belong with Me", back when I was a Big and her survey this Fall) and choices like Spring or Summer, etc. All of the Littles received the Bigs' surveys to read and all of the Bigs get the Littles' surveys to read and connect with them. Then typically our sorority retreat occurs with more Big/Little bonding time. Then low and behold, the Littles and Bigs make a Top 5 list of who they wish to see as their Big or Little and then the internal social chair and new member educator match everyone up. 

That is all of the nitty gritty details. Now for the fun stuff! Big/Little Week! Each day has a theme and the littles receive gifts not knowing who their beautiful Big is. Our days are themed: baked gods/treats, Memo Boards/Canvas/Bulletin Boards, Flowers @ Chapter (typically with some great delivery guys), Relaxation/Pajamas, Family Traditions, and then the basket at Reveal!

I hope you are ready for a lot of photos...

The last family picture before the newest addition. 
My little and glittle awaiting the new addition! It is the last time as just them.

This year reveal included the littles receiving a clue to where their Big was hiding on the quad and a puzzle piece to match. My grandlittle was so clever and tricked my gglittle all week! cFm arrived at the location we were hiding to see another Big/Little get matched. She looked so sad and confused but little did she know that kBm was just around the corner. 
cFm is so lost and confused.
The first hug as Big and Little! cFm was so excited that kBm is her Big! 
 Before the new addition.
 And after! Welcome to the FISH FAM!
 I made pocket t-shirts and my grandlittle made us bows. Cue photoshoot.
Little, Big, Grandbig, and Great-Grandbig
Amor Via Vitae in Christo 
I love my family.

What have you been up to this weekend?


  1. LOVE the photos... and those adorable shirts!!! Congrats!!

  2. The shirts are too cute!! Congrats, lady!

  3. Love your pics! The bows are such a cute touch :) Congrats on a new baby :):)


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