Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birds of a Feather {Critter Couture}

Hey y'all, 

We have almost made it through the work week! Today was a tough day but I am lucky to have plans with one of my grandlittles tonight. We have a tradition of hanging out watching Scandal while drinking wine and eating cookies. Yep, we are those kind of friends. Really, I haven't seen this girl throughout the summer since she has been so busy graduating college and becoming a teacher!

Today ends my critter couture series. It has been a nice change of pace for my blog but do not worry we will be back to more lifestyle posts soon as my life will be calming down after my half marathon on the 19th! 

I think most people have wondered what it would feel like to fly, while I'm not able to give you that superpower I can give you some great items for your closet that highlight our fine feathered friends.

Birds of a Feather

If all over bird prints are not your style, you can check out this sweater or this one from Ann Taylor.

As always, you can check out all my critter couture posts here.

Would you rock animal critter prints?


  1. I love that pajama set! So cute!

    1. Thanks! I think pj sets are some of my favorite things ever and critter prints+pjs are the best. I have a couple of pairs of pj pants from Old Navy with critters including some lobsters, sheep, and seahorses.

  2. Love these! I think the horses are my favorites though!

    1. Thank you! Is it weird that I agree that horses fit your personality?


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