Thursday, October 23, 2014

Radio Silent

Hey y'all,

I am so sorry I have been pretty radio silent over the past two weeks but now I thought I would share some what has been going on through some photos I took on my iPhone. I'm warning you of photo overload now!
Our second show of the season at the DPAC was Cameron Mackintosh's production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera and it was fantastic! It was a spectacular production and worth every penny. It was a great afternoon out with my friends and my parents saw it the following week and enjoyed it as well.
This month at work has been filled with a lot going on including a project I am halfway through! To get through the work day, bright paper straws and Lime La Croix. I have also been loving the Grapefruit La Croix.
October means Big/Little in the sorority and I was excited to find out who my great-great-grandlittle will be! This was a family photo last October before GB joined the tree! Saturday is reveal and I can't wait to rejoice in our new baby!
I don't know about you but I love getting mail! It helps when you receive adorable thank you notes in the mail. This particular note is from LJ now LJS who writes the lovely Wedding Belles Blog.
I have the best co-workers ever. I mean, who else brings you a cupcake on a Tuesday after lunch? These co-workers also agreed that frozen yogurt was necessary on Thursday after a 3+ hour meeting.
I might have spent over a week pet-sitting this little guy.
Thursday was productive, I mean, the whole to do list got done! Dove chocolate, obviously helps the productivity.
Fabletics Lima Capris are the best and icing your shins is completely imperative before race day.
You can read all about my Sunday morning run, aka my half marathon here. It was one long #SundayRunday!
Green tea is always better in a great mug and for as long as I can remember my siblings and I have always fought over this mug at my parent's house. 
I might have been spoiled all week by my parents with great food. This was my lunch at our favorite deli. Spinach, strawberry, kiwi salad was also consumed. This deli also makes the best chocolate covered apples and that night for dessert my family and I split an oreo apple and an apple pie apple. Yum!
Monday afternoon I went to a store downtown that specializes in Polish pottery. Our family has a lot of Polish pottery from when we were abroad and it was a lot of fun looking at various patterns we had never seen. I might have picked out a few pieces for my Christmas list.

What have you been up to this week?
Are there any items in your family that have caused arguments?


  1. I'm jealous you saw Phantom! I saw it years ago, and have been on a "Phantom" Kick for a week now. I'm studying classical vocal performance but still have dreams of Broadway!

    1. It was amazing! I love Broadway shows and that is so cool that you are studying vocal performance! I have a friend who is actually working on the Beauty and the Beast International tour so go for your dreams!!


Thanks for the sweet note!