Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Old Place:Living Room.

Hey y'all,

With the move coming, I thought I should share a few pictures of my current place before it is all packed up. I loved that I was able to spend some time in an apartment by myself but I am even more excited to be living with a roommate again. Coming from a big family and always having roommates in college it was a big change to come home to a place completely mine. So I thought I would share a few pictures of my living room now and I will of course show pictures of the new place much earlier than when I am moving out of it (please excuse the boxes in the pictures as I have already started to pack my non-essentials for the last month.


Bookcases/Media center

Cedar Chest/Sewing Table(my daddy made it for me)/Reclinder/TV tables

Chairs/DVD shelf/end table
I have never thought of the living room as finished and that is why I never really showed it to y'all. A lot of the furniture currently in the living room will make it into the new place but I am planning on painting the TV table trays and then of course we are having a couch in the new place so we can actually entertain.

The other half of my living room is the dinning room/kitchen. You can see into my kitchen on this post, but my dining room had a card table in it for forever, until my Daddy finished redoing my grandparent's old table. I am still waiting to go to Ikea to finish it off (and ignore the drying rack) but this room is pretty much done, minus the cross and canvases I have for it.


  1. It certainly looks like a cozy space. I can't wait to see how you'll decorate your new place!

  2. Hi there! Wow, you really got so much stuff! I bet you’re pretty excited with your new place. I think the idea is really swell having a new place with new friends to hang with. Anyway, good luck on your new and exciting endeavor! I wish you all the best!



Thanks for the sweet note!