Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Hey y'all,

I am still trying to get back on a normal schedule after my nice long, and busy weekend. This past Thursday I hopped on a plane (not to LAX) but to Illinois to be part of the celebration of my best friend from college jCm as she became Mrs. B! I was honored when J asked me to be her MOH and I was so happy to stand by her side on Saturday. I thought I should share a quick weekend update. *beware of picture overload

Thursday. The weekend started with an early wake up call to make a flight. Of course we started off the weekened with a little bridesmaid selfies before getting on the plane. And no we did not reenact any part of the film Bridesmaids. Luckily we all made it safely to IL with all our luggage and we were on our way to J's place.
We were greeted by this little guy. Meet Max. J&P rescued him and he is a little parrot since he loves being on people's shoulders.
After settling in we grabbed some lunch and then went off to get our nails done.
After nails it was time for some frozen custard and hanging out at the house before we went to see J & P's new place for their final walk through. Their new house is a great started home and I know they are so excited to move in. After the walk through us girls quickly got ready to go to dinner and drinks for J's bachelorette. It was a bit unconventional having dinner with the groom and all the family but we were able to take lots of photos! After a few drinks it was back to J's where we all crashed quickly since essentially we had been up since 4am with the time difference.
 Friday. After sleeping in, it was off to errands and grabbing some Panera before heading to the lake to get ready for some photos. We were able to get some of J's bridals done before the rain began but then it became light enough we got some more shots done!
One of the previews from the photographers
After photos would have been the rehearsal but the minister was stuck in Atlanta due to weather. So we all got ready and headed into the city for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory which was so delicious and the bridal party might have all gotten balloon animals. Yes we are all college grads but who doesn't need a balloon giraffe? Also I think the rest of the table thought we were crazy since at one point we were all close to rolling on the floor laughing so hard. I love these girls and am blessed to call them not only friends but sisters.

Saturday. THE BIG DAY! It had arrived. After spending so much time in the city the night before we all got up and ready to go run a few errands before heading over to the salon. We all got ready with only one minor trip to the gas station nearby for food. I mean everyone needs caffeine and chocolate the morning of their wedding, right? After hair we headed over to the venue to get ready and hang out.
 The time passed by so quickly and before you knew it it was time to get dressed and down to the ceremony!
Then the bride and groom hopped on a boat and went up the lake to the clubhouse for the reception!
I was lucky my best guy friend came up from Atlanta to be my date and celebrate J so we all took some photos before heading to the reception.
The reception was a lot of fun and I only cried during the father/daughter dance and I made it through my speech without any major hiccups. We danced the night away and eventually stole the bride for some photos out on the deck (the guys had our cameras/phones so the quality is not the best)
Sunday. Waking up really early after 5 hours of sleep is not fun.  mKh, aAc and I all got ready to go and hopped in the car to the airport by 7am. We were lucky to be on the same flight again so it was time to get through baggage check and security (all while keeping our bouquets in tack) and off to wait for our flight. We had the sweetest stewards/stewardesses who all loved the bouquets and thankfully found a small overhead bin so they were safe in flight. GO SOUTHWEST! We made it back to NC by 12:30 and by 1pm I was home and it was time to work on some more unpacking of my new place. The rest of Sunday was pretty lazy. A trip to the grocery store. Target. and washing hairspray out of my hair concluded the night with me in bed by 9pm.

How was your weekend?


  1. LOVE your hair at the wedding- so pretty and curly! It looks like y'all had a great weekend!

    1. THANK YOU! It had a lot of hairspray in it to keep it okay! We all might have had to shampoo our hair 3x before it felt normal. I hope you have had a great month celebrating!

  2. Love the color of the dress!! What a fun weekend. :)

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun to be with my friends although I was so tired when we got back from our trip!


Thanks for the sweet note!