Monday, August 18, 2014

My blog is different

Hey y'all,

While I was taking my blog break I thought about how my blog is different. We can often get zapped into comparing our lives to others but I wanted to write about what makes my blog different and that it is ok! Here are a few things that when comparing my blog to some of the bigger names makes mine different.

...I don't post daily. Really, y'all, posting can be a struggle. I feel awkward taking fashion pictures so coming up with ideas is hard and sometimes living life is more important than taking 20 minutes to write a post.

 ...As much as I love Kate Spade I hate the beau bag. I love bows as much as the next girl and love all of my Kate Spade items but the beau bag is not something I would ever save up for or ask for as a gift. I mean the blush color and the all black are ok if someone wants to give me a $400 bag as a gift but I would much rather have something else.

...I do not have sponsors. Yep, this is a freetime deal. Would I love to receive free stuff, yes and I have had offers and I only present items I think are interesting to y'all and I love. I mean, the shirt I received from the Fraternity Collection is one of my favorites and I absolutely love it so of course I do not mind sharing about it but if you want me to talk about an item or store that I have never gone in I am going to tell you no. I only want to share things I actually believe in.

....I have only bought J.Crew and Lilly clothing items during major sales (New Year's Cheer, Warehouse Sales, Endless Summer). Really, I have never purchased anything from J.Crew at full price. I am excited for the Lilly sale that starts this morning though and I hope everyone acts like adults. Everything is discounted by a lot so be patient and know that high volume is expected.

...I have student loans (see point above). This means that my budget for clothing is small and I tend to splurge on large items on sale like my KSNY bags or my most recent splurge of Broadway season tickets with my co-workers. I would rather spend money on experiences than a few items of clothing.

...I hate Starbucks. Really I don't drink coffee at all so I don't tend to frequent coffee shops and if I do I get hot chocolate or tea. I also don't like pumpkin. So the fact that the Pumpkin Spice Latte returns next week is no big deal to me but this meme made me laugh.
...I don't use my instagram account that often (or really any social media). Yep. Bad blogger status. I love posting here and there but I know that I have a tendency to view social media posts through a jealous heart. In our day and age we post the perfect photos of our lives and hide all the mess. Well here are some messy photos.It is okay to show the mess and I have to remind myself of that daily. Not everything needs a filter.
what is my hair doing?
...I am a homebody. On any given Friday or Saturday night you will probably find me in my apartment cleaning, reading and relaxing. I do on occasion go out for dinner or drinks with friends but mainly, me + pjs=perfect Saturday night. This might have something to do with why my weekend updates are pretty sporadic or very similar.

I hope y'all enjoyed this post. I am in no way making fun of or talking down about other people's blogs. These are just facts about me that make this little blogspace mine. I have met some amazing people in the blog world and some of them have truly wonderful blogging businesses, but that is just not me. I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

What makes your blog unconventional or different?


  1. For the record -- I HATE the Beau Bag as well! Also, I feel the same way about my blog. I don't have a raging social life (netflix on a Friday night after work is so much more appealing than going out on the town), and I always feel weird posting outfit pictures (and taking them as well). I feel like so many blogs have become so streamlined, and it is hard to find the differentiating factor between them!

  2. I'm right there with ya girl! I rarely have a social life and would much rather be at home in pi's + watching netflix. Enjoyed reading :)


Thanks for the sweet note!