Friday, August 1, 2014

August Return

Hey y'all,

I'm back! Did you miss me? I definitely have had a whirlwind summer keeping busy at work, lots of drama with my housing situation, and getting to have lots of fun with friends. Now that the summer is winding down I hope I can keep a consistent routine with this little blog space. It has been great reading all of your posts this summer and I see a lot of people have had some amazing news so congrats to all of you graduates, newly engaged, now expecting, and now homeowners.

Now to welcome my self back to the blogging world I thought I would begin with a 5 on Friday!
1. Today is moving day! I am moving to a new apartment today with my roomie! I am so excited to be in a new place and to decorate it. I will of course have more photos later.
My current place getting filled with boxes.
2. J.Crew. I convinced myself to get the Downtown Field Jacket from J.Crew in Navy. With it being on Sale plus 40% off I got it for under 90 (including tax and shipping!) I think this will be the perfect investment for early fall and spring when it is cool but not parka/pea coat weather. If you have this coat let me know!

J.Crew The downtown field jacket

3. DPAC fun. This past Sunday, one of my friends/co-workers and I ventured to downtown Durham for lunch and an event at the Durham Performing Arts Center. eCs, cWn and I all got season tickets for the upcoming broadway shows and are excited to be patron-ing the arts.  eSc and I (cWn couldn't make it) we were able to test drive our seats and even got a backstage tour. The various artists who come to the DPAC sign the walls backstage and the musicals paint gorgeous murals.
4. Married at First Sight. This is a new show on FYI that I found when I was scrolling through Hulu. It is a social experiment where four specialists (a sexologist, spiritualist, psychologist and sociologist) created three "perfect" couples based on scientific matchmaking and interviews, etc. The couples never meet or even know their names until they walked down the aisle to be married. The experiment lasts 5 weeks and at the end the couples will make the decision to remain together or separate. It is so fascinating to watch and it is like a train wreck that you can't help but watch. I mean there are so many challenges to marriage but adding in that you know nothing about them is so strange of a concept to me. Also, if you want to watch another show on Hulu, I recommend Hotwives of Orlando that is a spoof on all the Housewives series from Bravo.
5. Kate Spade Agenda. So I have raved about my kate spade agenda here and I thought I would not need another agenda until Christmas. However, there was some terrible rain a few weeks ago that destroyed my planner so my parent's graciously purchased my Christmas present early and are bringing it to me tomorrow when they help with the move. I went with the bookshelf print for this bookworm.
Thanks for having me back! 
What are your looking forward to this weekend?


  1. Welcome back to blog land and happy moving day! I love your new planner. :)

  2. Welcome back pretty lady!! I'm definitely going to check out that show! Legally Blonde is my favorite!!!

  3. How adorable is that planner?! I'm so so jealous you have season broadway tickets- such a fun idea for girls nights! As for that j. Crew jacket, I have it in the dark green, and I LOVE it! It really is the perfect transition piece!


Thanks for the sweet note!