Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'm Back: {Goals for 2015}

Hey y'all,

I am so sorry for the long delay in posting. I ended up getting sick right before Christmas and it was a busy time at the office. I was able to spend a week at my parent's house relaxing, baking, going to the movies (the Hobbit & Into the Woods), and celebrating the birth of Christ. The spring semester starts this week so hopefully I can get back in a nice routine.

Speaking of routine, my word of the year is consistency. I often get really excited and plan on working hard on one thing and then life gets in the way so being consistent is my major goal.

Here are my other goals for the year:

-read 105 books. I love to read and this goal just pushes me to remember to turn off the computer and get reading. Social media can be consuming and getting lost in a good book is a great alternative.

-run a 10 miler. I am signed up for the Tar Heel Ten Miler in April and my goal is to run the entire race! I'm starting my training plan TODAY so we have plenty of time to get in some runs before the big day.

-work on my flexibility with weekly yoga. I was a dancer for most of my childhood but have since let my flexibility go to the wayside. I'm thinking that Sunday yoga would be a great way to refocus before the start of the work week. I went to my first studio practice at my gym on New Year's Day and it was great to spend an hour focusing and stretching.

-maintain a budget. I am that person that writes out the budget and loosely sticks to it but my goal is to be diligent about purchasing especially with my main goal of paying off all my student loans and my car before I'm 28.

-keep up healthy lifestyle. Last April I began to workout more and change my eating habits and I want to keep up those changes and focus on them a bit more especially after a bit to much holiday party eating.

-blog 3x a week, minimum. I love the outlet of blogging and all of the different people I have met through my blog so my goal is to consistently blog 3 times a week. 

-Stop wasting food. I think this is hard for a lot of people and cooking for one can be hard but after reading this blog post I knew I had to add this to my goals list.

What are your big goals for the year?

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  1. These are some amazing goals, Jessica! I am so excited for your ten miler- that is awesome!!! I definitely need to read that post on food waste- I know I'm guilty of it...
    (PS sorry for being kind of stalker-ish right now- I have lots of catching up to do!!! hehe)


Thanks for the sweet note!