Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Hey y'all,

As most of y'all know, C.Wonder is going out of business. The newer line to prep obsessed closets will be closing soon and recently I checked on the website and everything has been marked to 75% off! Since it's my birthday month and my current Longchamp is looking a little worse for wear considering I purchased it at the start of my sophomore year of college and I graduated in May 2012 I thought it was time for something new. I thought I would showcase a few other things you can treat yourself to with very limited guilt.

I purchased the Nylon Easy Tote in black but I love the navy and khaki options as well.
Nylon Easy Tote Originally $88 now $22
Here are a few items that caught my eye while browsing the sale:
Stacked Jewels Drama Necklace originally $88 now $22
Decorative Jewelry Box (in multiple colors)
 Originally $78 now $19.50
Luxe Suede Crest Pouch originally $98 now $24.50

There are a lot more items still on the website so go and splurge a little!
Are you shopping this amazing sale?


  1. I am still in shock C. Wonder is closing (and totally mad I didn't hit the sale up before they took the site down!)... Love that tote!


Thanks for the sweet note!