Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Book Worm's Birthday List

Hey y'all,

We are week into the new year....how are y'all feeling? This past week has actually been very productive goals wise, even meeting  a large number of new friends this past weekend. That goal is almost done!

So quick recap of my weekend: Thursday night I went to a Young Professionals Bible Study at a local church. It was my first time going so I was really nervous but it was a great night and a met a few new people which led to Friday. I was invited to dinner and seeing The Hobbit on Friday. Yes I am a nerd and have seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies (yes multiple times including the extended editions and read all of them) but I had yet to get through The Hobbit book so it was a nice suprise. Saturday included cleaning my apartment and heading to church with the same group as Friday. After church we all went to dinner and then hung out eating Apple Pie bread and watching Big Bang Theory. Sunday included finishing cleaning my apartment, seeing my parent's for lunch, the gym, and watching season 3 of Downton Abbey premeire!

See I told you it was a busy weekend with little time to blog. But I was really blessed with all of the people I met and can't wait to see who else I will meet this year!

Now onto my birthday is coming up (23 days until 23!) so I thought I would create a little birthday list. However, I feel that my birthday list could be split into a few categories so I thought I would make a few different posts. Here is post #1 a book lover's gift guide. Suffice to say it I could most definetly fall under the term a bookworm. You could blame my parents for limiting our TV intake to PBS, taking us to the library weekly, or just constantly encouraging learning and exploring. I am blessed with the childhood I had since it shaped my adult life, hello BA in English. Now onto the list:

Barnes and Noble's Nook Simple Touch
This one is a tough decision since I am such an anti-ereader person and advocate for real books but I am asking for this for traveling and taking to the gym mainly. I promise to still read true books.
I am still on the hunt for the perfect case since the Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade cases from this summer. Suggestions are welcome.
Classic Story Infinity Scarf
Who wouldn't want the text of Pride and Prejudice wrapped around them on a chilly day?
Beautiful Books. I wouldn't mind these from Anthropologie, or their Children's Classic Set
A book about various cultural icon's favorite books. Want!
And what Jane Austen fan would not want this book clutch from Kate Spade.
And then there is always the wonderful site of etsy for lots of book lover things. I even got some Jane Austen bookmarks this Christmas.

Peace and Blessings,


  1. I'm dying for that scarf! So cool!

  2. I got a nook color for Christmas a couple years ago and I wasn't sure the whole e-reader thing either. But I love it! It's so easy to take places and it's great to read in bed with!

  3. The "Ideal Bookshelf" book sounds so interesting! I may have to add to my own Goodreads list.



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