Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Literary Junkies LinkUp

Hey y'all,
Tonight I am linking up for a few questions about books from the Literary Junkies LinkUp. If you know me, you could of course label me as a Literary Junkie. Let's dive right in....

1. Which book could you read over and over again?
Hands down Ella Enchanted, Cinderella 2000 and Pride & Prejudice are my most re-read books. I don't tend to re-read books unless they are part of a series and it has been awhile since I last read part of the books and need a re-fresher. The last book I reread was on New Year's Day I reread Born of Ice since I was starting back with the two newest books.
2.If you could be any character from any book you've read, who would you be?
Elizabeth Bennet would be nice, I mean who wouldn't want to end up with Mr. Darcy at the end of the story. Hello, Pemberly, amazingly sweet letters, hero, and who is saying no to Matthew MacFadyen or Collin Firth?
An Austenite's dream
3.Do you ever put a book down because you just can't get into it? Or do you stick it out to the bitter end? Any examples?
Yes, all the time. I have a rule that by page 75 if I am not captivated I can put it down. It happens a decent amount of time but after pg 75 I try to get to the bitter end. Also, if I went out and payed for it I am more likely to suffer through the book. I can't think of any examples off of the top of my head but there have been quiet a few books that find themselves back at the library after a few hours.

4. Show us your book shelves!Do you have one designated spot for your books in your house or do you scatter them around?
Mine are contained within my two bookshelves unless they are in my nightstand/purse. Other than that I have a pile on my endtable of books from the library but that is all.
 Classics/Books from my English Lit classes

Everything else.

Pink Heels Pink Truck
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  1. I STILL need to read Pride & Prejudice. I know, I know. What kind of English major am I? Sigh... (I absolutely LOVE the film with Keira Knightley in it, though. Swoon, Mr. Darcy.)

  2. Ella Enchanted and Pride and Prejudice are 2 of my absolute favorite books! I'm going to have to check out Cinderella 2000.

  3. I love Ella Enchanted!! My favorite when I was a kid. I think I lost my copy. Have to go get one soon!! Haha.

    Both P and P movie Darcy's are amazing and I just love how they are so different but the same.

  4. yes, I agree about Elizabeth Bennett...hello Mr. Darcy! ha! :) Thanks for linking up with us!!


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