Thursday, March 20, 2014

Things I'm Loving Thursday

Hey y'all,

I thought I would compile a list of ten things I am loving today. I know that sometimes we get so bogged down it is great to have a reminder of all the good things.

I'm loving... is the start of Spring! Bring out the sundresses, sandals, Claritin and open the windows to enjoy fresh air and sun.

...speaking about Spring today's weather is beautiful! It is currently 59 degrees outside and I just want to go lay on the quad and enjoy the day.

...lunch dates with Katie Perk. I loved that I was able to catch up with this sweet girl. We enjoyed some McAllister's sweet tea and talked about all things movies, books, tv shows and life. I call that a great lunch hour.

...Divergent the film comes out tomorrow (well technically tonight at 8pm). I am currently trying to find time that my roommate and I can find to go see the film together.

...bridesmaid dress shopping for jCm is today! I am so excited to be Jenn's MOH and today myself and the other bridesmaids are going to check out some dresses.'s Big/Little week! While my family is not expecting a new addition it was still fun to go to chapter and enjoy the serenading boys while the little's got flowers from their bigs.

...these PJ pants from Old Navy are my favorite and some of them are on sale! I am trying really hard not to buy them all but they are the best!

...The NCAA tournament is underway! Do you have your bracket ready? Who are your final four?

...starting a new book. I started Love Starts with Elle the other day and I think I will be finishing it up shortly. I loved Once Upon a Prince and A March Bride, so I think this book will keep me occupied before I can find Princess Ever After at the library.  

...getting to see my baby sister kDi Saturday, possibly. My baby sister went home for her spring break last week and my parent's sent her back with a book and some Vera Bradley accessories my Mom grabbed at the Outlet that matched the duffel I got for my birthday. I think matching travel accessories are the best and while I have no travel plans in the future I am ready to have my set all together.

What are you loving today?

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