Sunday, March 30, 2014

Desk Darling

Hey y'all,

So sorry for the late post! Today was a bit crazy but I was able to find a dress for Formal on Saturday and I currently have banana bread in the oven so I call the day a success. I am really excited to link up with Rebecca, Dorothy, and Carlee for the #ShowUsWhereYouWork link-up.

I actually have two work spaces. The desk in my apartment for blogging, fiddling around on the internet, and life things and then my desk at work. I figured though that you guys care more about my desk at home. I actually want to paint and change my desk to match my bedding more and I am thinking some thing along the lines of this pin and Shannon's desk.

I just got this bulletin board so I have yet to hang it and I can't find the push pins I have so the board is not complete. Right now it has some of the Save the Dates/Invitations for the Weddings this year, some of my Senior Year photos and then a couple of things I need to get done.
 Where is your favorite workspace located?
While in college I loved heading to the library and grabbing a table so I could spread out all my work or find a table in a study lounge. Now that I am post-grad, my desk is in my room and I am either there, or I might move my laptop to the kitchen table or work on the couch.
 Do you prefer a sleek desk or are you an "organized chaos" person?
My desk drawers can be "organized chaos" but the top of the desk has to be clean since I love to spread out with my planner on one side, my to-do list, and then my work.
 What is your favorite kind of writing utensil?
I am a pen and pencil snob. I am just really picky. For my planner I use Sharpie Pens but I also like Papermate Flair markers. For everyday writing I like these pens and these ones.
Show us your calendar/agenda:
I love my Kate Spade Agenda!

What are you looking forward to most about spring?
I am looking forward to warm weather and spending nights reading on the porch.

What does your workspace look like?


  1. I love that pin of how you want to redo your desk! Thanks for linking up today!

  2. Thanks for linking up with us today! Like Carly, I love that pin you posted. My white desk at school was a cheapy from Target, so maybe I'll paint it like that to go with my room next year!


Thanks for the sweet note!