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Liebster Award x2

Hi y'all,

Wow this week flew by! Between having Monday and Tuesday half-days from work due to ice and then Wednesday being the busiest day at the office all semester I cannot believe it is already Saturday morning and I neglected this little blog here since Monday. My apologies! Also, I am still working on collecting items for my 200 follower giveaway so watch out for that! Anyway, I have had this post in draft form for weeks so it is finally time to post it. I was very honored to be nominated for the Liebster award twice and since I like to make Saturday posts more get to know you things I thought this would be a great idea!

From Sydney at A Thousand Tomorrows

1.What is your proudest moment of your life thus far?
I would think it would be graduating from Carolina and subsequently finding a job at UNC that I love. Carolina is a tough school to get into and I did not recognize that until coming to UNC and being really challenged in school for the first time ever. I mean, in high school I was a straight A student and while I did study and take academics seriously, UNC was a whole other level. It is also hard to go from being a straight A student at the top of the class to going to an entire group of people just like you so you are now the average and need to really study and try to be above average. Getting a job after college can be a challenge. It was a lot of cover letters, resumes, applying and never hearing a word, and being patient. I think I ended up right where God meant me to be though so I just had to wait for the right fit and my job has been a wonderful position to start my career at.

2.Dream place to live?
EUROPE! Ok, more like have a summer home in Europe (anywhere will do, I mean the trains there make traveling so easy) and then a normal home here in the South maybe South Carolina or Georgia.
3.What would you say a "staple item" is for every girl's closet?
Staples: an LBD of course. I mean if you find the perfect one you can wear it to work, going out to dinner on a date, out with friends grabbing drinks, it really is the best thing in your closet. Other items I love: a big work tote that works with everything. I love my Longchamp Le Pilage and then I switch it out sometimes with my Kate Spade Flicker Sophie. I love that you can carry so much in it without looking like you are a pack horse. I am also not someone that likes to carry two bags to work so it is just my preference.
4.Who is your inspiration?
Daily inspiration has to be my Mom. She is the best and I love that she is always just a phone call away to inspire and encourage me or just listen to me rant.

5.Favorite quotation?
There are so many but I have been loving this one recently:

6.What is your favorite meal of the day?
Hmmm...I would probably say dinner. I have never been a big breakfast person. I love breakfast foods but never get excited for breakfast in the mornings unless we are talking brunch!

7.What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
TMI moment but I typically get out of bed, turn off my alarm and go to the bathroom.

8.Favorite movie of all time?
I am such a movie buff so this question is always really hard. I would say that I can watch Two Weeks Notice, Sweet Home Alabama, Pride and Prejudice (2005) and Beauty and the Beast any time and not complain.

9.What website/social media are you loving right now? (Let us know how to find you!)
I am loving Instagram right now. As far as websites right now I am currently loving Skinnytaste since I am looking for some good recipes and I will let you know if I try anything and then I am loving She Reads Truth since they just began their plan for Lent.

10.What book should I read next?
This is another hard question since I don't know y'all well enough to feel like I can recommend a book. I am currently reading Allegiant (#3 in the Divergent series) and I loved the first two books but I am hesitant about this one since a lot of my friends that read it as soon as it did not love it as much.

11. How are your New Year's Resolutions going?
You can read my resolutions here. They are going. Some are going better than others but that is why I tend to call them goals and not resolutions.

From Alyssa at Southern Abundance
1. Why did you start blogging?
Ok, this is my third blog. I actually began on Tumblr and had a blog there for a really long time and began one blog that lasted about a week. Then I blogged during my senior year at Carolina and it was more of a scrapbook but I was able to connect with a lot of different bloggers so when I switched over to my postgrad blog I finally has a bit of a groove and some kinks worked out.

2. What is one goal you have for this year?

I have 14 goals that you can read about here.

3. If you could go back in your life and relive one moment, what would that one moment be?

I have a couple regrets in my life and they typically involve my friends but I don't think I would really go back and relive them or change them since I love my current life and I don't want to mess with it by changing the past. 

4. When you were younger, what was your dream job?

When I was really young I thought I wanted to be a teacher and then I realized how hard it was to teach and I didn't have the passion for it but then I thought I would be a book editor since who doesn't want to spend their day reading books?

5. If you could live in another state, what state would you live in and why?

I am actually pretty fond of North Carolina after living here since 8th grade but I wouldn't mind going back to Texas where I was born or trying out South Carolina or Georgia.

6. What is your favorite winter Olympic sport?


7. If you could switch lives for one day with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

I have no idea. It would be cool to switch lives with someone who designs the Lilly or J.Crew collections...

8. Favorite organizer/planner/calendar company (because I love organization!) 

My current planner is a Kate Spade one from Lifeguard Press. It is organized the same way as the Lilly Pulitzer agendas. I had an Erin Condren one but it didn't work as well since my life is not really morning, day and night with work.

9. Where would you like to see your blog be in 6 months?

I would love to see my blog grow and maybe a lot more consistency with my posts. I am so blessed to have so many people reading it anyhow that any growth is progress to me!

10. If you could only read one blog for the rest of time, what would that one blog be?

Only one! I think this is to tough to choose and I would probably stop reading blogs if I can't read a lot of people's words. I think blogging is such a community and without that it is just writing in a journal. 

11. What is your biggest advice to any bloggers?

I think the typical you need to be honest and be you is really the most important. Do not compare yourself to others and as long as you are happy that is what matters. Yes there are people with thousands of followers and that might not be you (Yet) but write about what makes you happy, what challenges you, and what scares you. Write about your passions and your dreams. I love books, clothes, my sorority, the Tar Heels, and my faith and so I try to make sure that those all have a presence on this blog.

Thank you Sydney and Alyssa for nominating me and for your great questions. It is way to early for me to think and nominate blogs so if you want to participate in this award feel free to answer 10 out of the 20 questions Alyssa and Sydney asked and comment with a link to your post.

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. I'm an organizing freak too! I love my Kate Spade planner for my everyday life but Erin Condren for my teaching planner. P.S your picture for the quote isn't working :(


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