Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Newest Obsession...

Hey y'all,

Hello to all my followers! I finally got around to going through all my previous followers and sending them this way and I am blessed that some of y'all are here!

I have decided to create a link-up and I know there are a ton of them out there on the blog world but I always am at a loss for what to write so adding in some link-ups helps add some structure to your blog week. So here I go, if it's a failure it's ok and we know it will not be my last in this world. So without further ado: My Obsession Monday (yes I know it is Tuesday but my room is still covered with things needing to be unpacked so it is a bit delayed).

I am still figuring out this size/hitml code things so please be patient with me. 

The idea is a quick post since we all know how Mondays are about what we are currently obsessing over.  This week for me I am addicted to my S Club 7 Pandora station. I know it sounds crazy but if you are a 20 something go create this station and you will not regret it. The obsession started a few days ago when I was hanging out in my friend MP's room with some of my co-workers(yay for working for UNC housing!) and she had the best music going in the background. The answer was an S Club 7 Pandora Station. While I liked S Club 7 in middle school I was not obsessed so I was pleasantly surprised by the variety from all the boy bands we loved (98degrees, N*SYNC, The Backstreet Boys, etc.) to Mandy Moore, Savage Garden, and more! This station has has me dancing around and singing while I both packed and unpacked my room from college as I transition to living at home.

Second place this week would have to be the Bachelorette. It has been a while since I was sucked into watching the Bachelor or the Bachelorette but since Emily is a southern, NC girl I figured I would watch and root for some good guys but last night some of those guys were trying way to hard/cheesy. My Momma and I were watching and she was judging right along with me that a guy should speak from his heart without the cheesy lines. Emily is looking for a husband and father figure for her daughter not a guy looking for his 15 mins of fame.
Enter your obsession here:

What are y'all obsessed with this week? Did you watch the Bachelorette?

Peace and Blessings,

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