Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday: Guilty Pleasures

Hey y'all,

Today I am linking up with Rachel from Just Peachy. I love her blog and her weekly link ups are a great way for y'all to learn a bit more about me since she always picks some great topics. This week's Top 5 theme is Guilty Pleasures, so without further adieu here is my Top 5 Tuesday:

1. Romance Novels
Who doesn't love a good trashy novel to quickly read over the summer when lounging by the pool or tossing in your beach bag?
2. Cheerwine/Dr. Pepper/Cherry Pepsi
This is the only way I get caffeine in my life and after giving up caffeine for Lent I am back to drinking soda. My goal this summer though is to be off soda again. Yay for getting healthy!
3. TV
Y'all, I am such a TV addict. The amount of shows in my hulu queue right now is embarrassing but I just love to relax and watch tv especially Food Network or HGTV in the afternoon.
4. Macaroni and Cheese
Seriously y'all, I could possibly live off of mac-n-cheese. As I am writing this I am currently waiting on my pasta to cook. It's a problem. But I love it.
5. Ice Cream/FroYo.
Especially in the summer, ice cream is just the best thing in the world. I will miss Chapel Hill a lot because there are literally four ice cream places on Franklin Street alone.

What are your guilty pleasures?  Link up here with Rachel.

Sorry for the quick post, I have been running around all day and now I am off to the UNC/UNCW baseball game! Have a great night!

Best Wishes, jDl

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  1. Mac and Cheese is the BEST!! I have a delicious (ridiculously easy) recipe from some magazine that my Mom has had for as long as I can remember and it seriously tastes like childhood! And what would be better to finish a delicious dinner of mac and cheese than froyo! YUMMY


Thanks for the sweet note!