Thursday, December 20, 2012

13 in 2013

Hey y'all,

For those of you that believe that world is ending tomorrow thanks to the Mayan calendar, I guess I will never accomplish any of these goals but, since I believe that we still have one full week left in the year I thought it was time to start thinking of goals for the coming year. Instead of resolutions I think goals are more attainable and I have all of you to keep my accountable!

So here we go:

  1. Grow in my faith and my relationship with God. This is one of my goals every year and it is one that I feel can never really end. I have already bought my new devotional for the new year and I am really excited about starting it soon!
  2. Read 113 books. I am such a bookworm that I know that I can accomplish this goal and the number thirteen makes it festive. Plus, my GoodReads account really needs some help since my to-read list is almost 300 books and I always love suggestions.
  3. Try 113 new recipes. Another festive number but with living on my own I have gone to the staples of pasta a lot. Time to spice things up and with the help of Pinterest, cookbooks & TV shows like The Chew, I know that I can accomplish this! It breaks down to only 3 new recipes a week and I count desserts and side dishes in the number.
  4. Run a half marathon. 13.1 miles see a trend yet? I need to get back into running and since running a half marathon is on my 30 before 30 I thought why not tackle it this year. We shall see how this all goes but I know that I can do it since I have set my mind to it!!
  5. Lose 13lbs. I know I want to get back to eating healthy and I have gained back some weight since moving out of my parent's house so I need to get back to eating lots of veggies and not eating so much sweets (my office's love of baked goods doesn't help) but the goal is one pound a month at least. Completely reasonable especially with drinking more water and getting active again!
  6. Craft 13 things. My pinterest has a million ideas and I need to take the time and complete some crafts and feel accomplished. Not to mention goal #10.
  7. Meet 13 new people. It is tough to meet new people now that I work a normal schedule and spend my evenings at home catching up on TV and reading it is hard to expand your friend circle and meet new people especially since I still have friends in the area.
  8. Keep a prayer journal for the entire year. This is one that I want to start and continue for years since I know that I would love to look back on days and see the power of prayer and the blessings bestowed on me by God.
  9. Buy a car. This is not merely a goal but a reality. It is in my 30 before 30 but I know that my parent's blessed me with borrowing their car this year and I have to return it this summer. But I am excited for this financial adventure.
  10. Finish decorating my place. I still have a long way to go including a trip to Ikea but I am excited to finish decorating my place and making it feel like home. Plus I love crafting and I know that some Pinterest crafts need to be completed to finish off my place.
  11. Go two months without unneccesary spending. I am thinking March and April. This will help my budgeting and help with saving up for my new car!
  12. Send out cards. Whether Birthday, Graduations, Weddings, Christmas, Thank Yous, etc. I want to get back to the tradition of sending cards and best wishes.
  13. Have adventures. I am leaving this one up in the air but I think that my Kate Spade idiom bangle from last year says it all "loose yourself in a good book...add a your cards right...make sparks as curious as a cat"
What are your goals for the new year?

Perception Is Everything
Peace and Blessings,


  1. Great goals!! I'm still trying to decide what my goals will be!

  2. Happy New Year Jessica!
    113 books! Wow, that would be amazing. I'm now following you on Goodreads. Good luck in accomplishing all your goals.
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I want to start sending cards too! I just wish they weren't so expensive. Maybe I shall make my own?

    And 113 recipes and books? You have some hefty goals to fill goodness. Good for you for setting your limits so high. Happy new year :)

  4. I love how you used the number 13 wherever you could! I love your goals! Thank you so much for participating in the linkup! :)

  5. Wow! 113 books seems like a lofty goal, but you go girl! Thanks for linking up! xoxox

  6. Good Reading get book's on cd to listen to while you walk ahhh loose weight while reading. Brillant


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