Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hey y'all,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday this past weeekend and you are looking forward to the upcoming weekend and making safe plans for the new year.

My Christmas break/long-weekend was wonderful. I spent lots of time with my family (and the new kitten) and caught up with my best friend. It was filled with good food, a few movies (Les Miserables and Pitch Perfect made Christmas Day a musical delight) and celebrating the Lord's birth through going to church with the family.

My big Christmas presents are already in my apartment since Santa visited it in November. However, I did recieve an Elf on the Shelf. Her name is Polka Dot! And a few other things for my apartment like flannel sheets & a wine bottle opener.

Now, while I was off celebrating I decided to make a Pinterest specifically for this blog, since most of my social media is attached to my full name I decided this was the best thing without giving out my personal account.  If you search postgradprep I should show up or you can just click HERE. After having my pinterest account for over a year it was refreshing to start out with a blank slate. Here are some of my favorite pins:

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest
Now here is where you come into play. I would love to follow y'all on Pinterest so feel free to leave your board link in the comments or email me ( I can't wait to see all of your boards and inspiring pins!

Thanks y'all.

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Oh my gosh that puppy is so cute!! After this break, I'm addicted to Pinterest again and it's terrible!


Thanks for the sweet note!