Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hey y'all,

I know that it has been awhile but with Christmas shopping for my family, attending December commencement and being a secret snowflake for my office my free time has been spent unwinding with a good book, and sleeping (I went to bed at 9pm Friday if that tells you anything).  So here are a few of my favorite things this week:

1. My office. Last week we had our holiday party which was a blast not to mention playing White Elephant. I guess everyone had it out for the new one since all of my gifts were stolen. I ended up with cute salt and pepper shakers though so it wasn't a loss. We also had secret snowflake all week and I was kind of upset since I didn't receive anything the first day but that was due to my "snowflake" being out on Monday. I was spoiled the rest of the week with craft and baking magazines, a 6-pack of Cheerwine, baked goods and on Thursday with the reveal a festive red with green and white polka dot blanket. *Spoiled* I also have been getting great holiday cards from co-workers so my desk is now a bit more festive.

2. Gossip Girl. I know that everyone is talking about it but, the show has been apart of my life for the past 6 years. 6 YEARS! I have grown so much in that time it is fun to look back at where they started and it was the same as me: in high school. I read the entire book series and was excited for the show to start. I was not that suprised with the ending of the show but I was happy with it. It does make me wonder who Cecily Van Zeigler wanted as GG since the books never revealed her identity.

3. I leave for home on FRIDAY! Yes, in a few days time I will be hitting the road for home for a nice long weekend. It is going to be great to see my baby sis since we are the only kids coming home and hanging out with the newest addition to my family: our kitten Max. Yep, my parents rescued a kitten a little over a week ago and as of last Monday the vet checked him out and he had no tracker or collar and became part of my family.

4. Liz Curtis Higg's book The Girl's Still Got It. This is a wonderful verse by verse study of the book of Ruth. I read it in a little over a day. Her writing style is captivating and I loved the way she informs you of all of the various meanings, you really connect with the people and message of God. I am now looking to read her Bad Girls of the Bible series.

5. The initial necklaces I got from J.C. Penny. I typically don't check out JCP that often but after their re-branding the store looks much better. Last week I saw    post about single intial necklaces that look almost like a monogram. I forgot to check them out when I was near Southpoint this past weekend but Tuesday when I finished shopping I stopped by and saw that they were on clearance for $7 and then 20% all fashion jewlery! STEAL! However, since they were on clearance they did not have a J or K (baby sis' initial) but they had a D in gold and silver so I went ahead and grabbed those for our last name and since from a distance it looks like a traditional monogram with the letter D in the center.

jCm & I
Welcome to the Alumni Club!
6. jCm and sCa graduated this weekend!!! My big sis graduated from South Carolina with her Master's degree this past weekend and as much as I wanted to be there, one of my best friends/sorority sister/former roommate, jCm graduated from Carolina early as well. So since I couldn't be in two places at once I stayed here to watch Decemeber Commencement. It was so great to spend time together and special to see her graduate!
mKh, jCm, jDl
Sisters and Former Roommates
What have you been loving this week? Next week Christmas will be over!

Peace and Blessings,


  1. I hope you have fantastic Christmas!!! I'm also going to put that bible study on my to-read list :).

  2. That book is on my book list. And I'm reading that series now too. So weird we are both reading it. Haha

  3. I love that you all wore carolina blue for graduation! How sweet!!

    I also picked up the JCP monograms! I have been LOVING them since the rebranding! People ask my all of the time if my clothes from there are Loft, JCrew, etc!


Thanks for the sweet note!