Thursday, March 14, 2013

it's all in the decals

Hey y'all,

So now begins my search for a car and therefore I need to find some cute things to decorate and personalize my car. I have been looking for some adorable additions for my future ride(color choice will be dependent on my car's color.) Now after searching on etsy and local places here are some my top choices, I need YOUR help! I have already purchased greek letters (PBX) for my car and a magnet. Now is the choice of my monogram and then the tough decision about how to display my pride of UNC. 

#1 Circle Monogram with Chevron/Polka Dot/Stripe Background
#2 Interlocking Font Monogram

#3. Polka Dot Interlocking Monogram Decal

#4. Lots of Options: Curlz/Interlocking/Monogram Script/Circle Monogram

#5. Interlocking Monogram with Circle Enclosure
Which choice is your favorite for my monogram of jDl?

Peace and Blessings,

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