Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Loving....

What Are You Loving?

Hey y'all,

This Wednesday I have a lot of things I have been loving so let's get sharing.

I'm loving...

...guacamole. I don't know about you but some days you just get a craving for things and have to have them. This weekend it was guacamole. I think it comes from having Qdoba with my little, kBb, last week but I ran to Harris Teeter this weekend and I am now content.
....LJ IS ENGAGED! Y'all don't know how excited I was when I got the text Saturday night that LJ had said yes to her charming guy, WS. LJ and I went through Pref Night together back in Fall 2008 and have been friends and sisters ever since.
Alumni Event Spring 2010
Graduation Day!
...the weather has been beautiful this week. This morning was cold again but yesterday truly felt like spring!

...winning a beautiful monogrammed clutch from Cotton's Pickings & Capitol Letters! Now is the hard part of a decision. I am thinking classic brown with dark brown stiching. Thoughts are welcome!
Purchase Here new watches. Yes I did post about purchasing a watch after Spring Break, however, Anne Klein was having an amazing sale last week so I ended up with TWO watches under $95! It was a combination of a sale, clearance and a $20 off coupon!
Gold Tone Link Bracelet

Sporty Two Tone Watch (no longer available)

...test driving this weekend! Yes the purchasing of a car is quickly approaching. I have a deadline of this summer but I think by the end of April I will be driving A BRAND NEW CAR! This is my first really big purchase (apart from my education and apartment) and I am both nervous and excited so of course I will blog my experience and some tips for the rest of y'all. I am looking at 4-door sedans so if you have any recomendations please feel free to chime in!

What are you loving today?

Peace and Blessings,


  1. Those watches are ADORABLE!!! I love the 2nd one -- I think it would match with EVERYTHING since it's both silver and gold.. good choices!

    I bought my car about a year after I graduated and it was SO much fun to go shopping for them! I ended up going with a VW Jetta and I am in LOVE! What are your "must haves" for a new car? My budget wasn't too large and I wanted a sunroof :) haha

    Good luck in your search!

    1. Thanks! I had been looking for a two tone watch and it was on clearance for $65 but when all was said and done it was less than $43!! I love bargain shopping.
      My budget isn't that large either and the Jetta is actually on my list of cars to test drive. My must haves are 4 doors, air conditioning, cd/radio, and I think that is about it.

  2. I love that guac. It also comes in 100 calories snack size. :)

  3. LOVE love those watches!! What an awesome deal!!


Thanks for the sweet note!