Friday, May 3, 2013

Design on a Dime: Bedroom

Hey y'all,

So one of my biggest announcements is that come fall I will be moving! I am staying in the Triangle area but I will be living with one of my sweet sorority sisters, B who I have known since our first year in college! I am so excited to begin searching for a place and to have a lovely roommate (living by oneself is not for me). So now that we have officially decided to live together, the area we are looking at and I have started a list of places to view I have begun dreaming of decorating the new place. Mind you, my current place is not that decorated and I think that is because after a month I knew I eventually wanted to have a roommate. Here are some things from Ikea and Target I would love to have in my new bedroom. Now only a few more months to look for a place and move (yes there is already an Ikea trip planned for this summer).

sweet dreams

My bedspread is light blue seersucker with a small brown stripe in it and lots of ruffles!
What does your dream bedroom look like? 

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  1. Have fun! Gosh I lived with a bunch of my sorority sisters(including 2 out of the 5 of my little sisters) Yes I was a popular..and broke...big sister! This is be a blast I am sure:)

    1. WOW! 5 littles is a lot! I have twins and my grandlittles and great-grandlittle are spoiled by me of course. I have lived with sisters since sophomore year of college so 3 of the last 5 years I have had the best sister/roomies


Thanks for the sweet note!