Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Summer Splurge Wishlist

Hey y'all,

So instead of doing a summer wish-list I thought I would share some of my upcoming splurges. I am already planning to purchase some of these things, like an iPhone so I can actually join this century as well as a couch for my new place but if I am a good saver this summer I might find some arm candy or a NC State Murfee in my possession.

Do you have a summer wishlist? Any splurges in your future?


  1. I definitely support the iphone purchase! ;) It will change your life!

  2. I'm way more attached to my iPhone than I should be (and check for Kate Spade Cases! I got mine for $14.99 instead of $40)! And after a long year, you deserve a little yurman (don't we all)!

    1. thanks for the tip! I know right now they are on the website for $28. I am leaning more toward yurman being a Christmas present to myself ;)

  3. I absolutely love my North Carolina Lilly scarf! That is definitely worth a splurge! I don't have any big summer splurges planned since I have treated myself to some new stuff this spring, like a new pair of Tory Burch Revas and some new Jacks. But a pair of cowboy boots with pink stitching is definitely on my wish list! That will probably be a fall splurge though!

  4. All of these are wonderful things!! I love love love my iPhone, but I definitely suggest looking at the 4S if you're not ready to spend for the 5. Although it would be awesome to have the brand new one, I love my 4S and was happy I got it at a great price!! I think a splurge is definitely in order!


Thanks for the sweet note!