Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Day....(Nine)

Hey y'all,

So today's topic of the "Blog Every Day in May" challenge is "A Moment in your Day" so I thought I could share what my day is going to consist of today(I might throw in some more photos tomorrow). My typical day is pretty similar but this week I have something everyday after work this week between dinners with friends, a musical, bible study, etc. So here we go:

6am. My first alarm goes off. Now I am a person who loves her sleep so unless I need to shower in the morning (I tend to at night) I hit the snooze button.

6:30am-6:45am. Actually vacate my comforter. Get up/stretch. Get dressed. Eat breakfast.

6:45am-7am. Wash my face. Apply make-up. Brush my teeth. Make my lunch. Get out the door.

7am-7:25am. Drive to work. Park. Walk from the parking deck to the office.
My view on my walk to work.
7:25am-7:30am Arrive at work. Open the offfice. Get settled. 

7:30-12pm. Work. I don't want to bore you with my job.

12pm-1pm. A reschedule of "Lunch Loser Tuesday" with the girls at work.

1pm-4:30pm Work.

4:30pm-6pm Dinner with the ladies of work (typically I just drive home, change into work out clothes, workout)
My typical "after work outfit"
6pm-8pm. The office ladies are going out to Wine & Design. (Typical day would be making dinner, watching The Big Bang Theory on the CW)
what we are painting tonight
8pm-10:30pm. Get home, PJ TIME!, watching some tv, reading/relaxing.

10:30pm. BED! I am a grandma now that I have to be up in the morning.

So that is my day today. What are you up to?


  1. Oh girl, I'm usually in bed before then, you're definitely not a grandma!! Post-grad life is hard, I'm convinced that we all go to bed so early to make up for all the sleep we didn't get in college...

  2. I also work an early schedule! I love it so much more than the 9-5. I love the painting, looks so good!


Thanks for the sweet note!