Sunday, May 5, 2013

Playing Catch(up) One-Five

Hey y'all,

Since I decided on the "Blog Everyday in May" challenge late I thought it would be nice to catch up in one post on the three days I had missed so far.

my life in 250 words or less
Born in San Antonio, TX in January  with a large head filled with blonde curls (I mean I had to have a cat scan large head) and raised by a military family mainly in the South. The middle child of four (1 boy 3 girls).Child number 3 of 4 who spent her childhood in a dance studio dreaming of sugar plums and in the pool all summer shuffling up to New York for pre-K and back down to Texas for elementary school. A girly girl from the beginning always seen running around in dresses and bare feet. Middle school was spent in GERMANY and traveling across Europe falling in love with the continent and all the cultures (and being crafty with painting lessons). Eighth grade and high school saw me back in the states as a band nerd competing in marching band competitions on weekends and studying the other days. Next came college with the choice to attend my third choice after a bitter rejection but I truly fell in love with Chapel Hill on move in day. Became a sister to hundreds of women through Phi Beta Chi, gaining a family, grew in my faith with the Lord and truly discovered a passion for service and organization. Spent six months after graduation working retail and applying for jobs only to find myself back in the college town I love working with students and seeing my sorority sisters and navigating the "real world" as I begin my sophomore year of life.
A Carolina Life.
The supportive friend.
Something You Know A Lot About/Are Good At
My sorority family told me this weekend that I am really good at Pinterest (our secret board for my great-great-grandlittle already has 500 pins in anticipation for the fall) but I don't really consider that a skill/something I know a lot about. I am really good at being a supporter. I think ever since middle school I have been that one friend who is always there to listen through problems, give you a hug and just be there. I am the girl who doesn't mind a 4am phone call and will be there whenever someone needs me. I am the "mom" who wants to care for everyone. It's natural to me. I also think I am a pretty good cook/baker and my work has complimented everything I brought in. I think the skill was honed since I was born since my momma is a homemaker and we spent a lot of time in the kitchen baking and cooking together.

Things that make you uncomfortable.
This question is a toughy. Besides the usual needles, heights, talking about money, phone interviews, watching a movie with your parents when a sex scene comes on I think the most uncomfortable thing for me is being with a group of people I don't know. I get all awkward and silent or I attach to the only person I know in the group and that's it. I really need to work on my networking skill but I am usually fine in a group if I know at least one person.

Blog Friends
(today's topic)

This one is really tough since I am currently working on updating my favorite blog reads so I think I will "publicly profess my love and devotion" to a few girls. I could seriously keep on going for all of my fellow bloggers.

This sweet blogger is also a Carolina girl and while we never met in real life (apart from having classes in the same buildings) yet I know one of these days we will meet and it will be great! She blogs about her cute apartment decor, healthy recipes and lots of outfit inspiration. She also has the cutest puppy!

A North Carolina girl as well (I'm partial to my state), Emily posts amazing outfit inspiration and great adventures around the state. 

I "met" Mason when we were both on Tumblr originally and I am excited that we are both living in the Triangle area of NC so one of these days we will have to meet. Her blog always has me dying of laughter no matter if it is a Bachelor re-cap, dating stories, or life. I seriously think her life would make a great reality show!

One of my first blogger friends, Ashley is another ACC girl who lives in Lilly and has really helped me in the transition between college and "real life" since she is a year older than I am. I am also obsessed with her new blog! It's so adorable!

Another Tumblr friend she is currently traveling around SPAIN! I love reading about her world adventures and she posts amazing recipes and some book ideas as well. 

One of my first blogger friends, this girl blogs about UVA (the most beautiful college) and her adventure(including NYC with the boy) all while showing some amazing style pieces. CONGRATS ON GRADUATING and welcome to life!

The girl behind a Prescription for Preppy is going to be the most stylish pharmacist one day but for now between studying she posts outfit inspiration, life as a student at UK and so much more!

I just recently found Allison this past summer but a fellow NC girl in the Triangle, we attend the same church and both work for UNC so we are automatically friends right? She is so sweet and blogs about Carolina, God, Luke Bryan, and so much more!

I hope y'all have a blessed Sunday!



  1. Thanks for the shoutout! This challenge is SO much fun -- I've learned a ton about all the other bloggers out there :)

  2. Thank you for the shoutout!! I love your blog, too!! I think I'm missing out by not participating in this seems so fun!


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