Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 5 Tuesday: Candles

Hey y'all,

One of my favorite bloggers is back! Rachel of Just Peachy is restarting her Top 5 Tuesday series and since she now has a new place the topic is CANDLES! While my mother hates candles I for one am all for it. My favorites tend to always be Slatkin & Co. by Bath and Body Works so I thought I would just do my Top 5 favorite scents. Luckily, all but one are still available for sale since the last time I had a big candle haul was in the summer!

top 5 tuesday candles

So I am not the greatest at describing scents so I thought that Bath and Body Works did a great job on their site so here is what they say:
1/ "Salty and Sweet! Mandarin, juicy mango and ripe plum capture the aroma of this classic poolside cocktail with a freshly salted rim."
2/  "Dive into this blend of tropical melon, raspberry nectar and lemon mellowed by creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane for a fragrant and exotic escape."
    3/ "Indulge your sweet tooth! Notes of fresh vanilla bean, sugar, cake batter and rich buttercream frosting combine to create a sweet fragrant treat as mouth-watering as the real thing." *This is the best candle for when you first move into a place and want the smell of fresh buttercream frosting!
    4/ "Cheers! Enjoy this pretty and intoxicating mix of zesty mandarin, crisp apple, watery pear and sugared berries."
    5/"A mysterious blend of cranberry, rich blackcurrant and raspberry delicately layered with notes of cinnamon bark, cedarwood and warm amber." *The Wallflowers are still available but this scent was my go to during the fall and winter months since it is such a cozy scent.

    Link up with Rachel to show off your favorite candles/scents.
    Just Peachy

    And I was going to wait until WILW but y'all should hurry to Kate Spade's Surprise Sale!The Pride & Prejudice Book Clutch which I have been lusting over since it appeared on the site (I mean English major who loves Jane, it was meant for me) but $328 was out of my budget but $99 will do!


    1. the Island Margarita candle is one of my favorites too!

    2. Literally I love every candle you listed. I'm constantly burning a beachy smelling candle. There's seriously nothing better than a clean room and a sweet candle flickering.

    3. Pride & Prejudice is one of my favorite novels, second only to Gatsby! I want the Gatsby clutch from Kate Spade, but, as always, I have a fine wine tastes on a bottled water budget (;

      I love your blog, by the way! Thanks for following mine, too (:

      xo Taylor

    4. Gosh I just love Bath and Body Works Candles, and just candles in general:)

    5. Pink Sangria scent! What nice find

    6. I love the bath and body works candles. I can't wait until I live somewhere I can light candles (dorm problems).


    Thanks for the sweet note!