Monday, September 23, 2013

I have the best sisters....

Hey y'all,

I need to brag on my sorority for a minute and if you are new to the blog or do not understand greek life I am sorry but these women have shaped my college experience and life and I am blessed to serve along side them as an adviser, sister and friend. My sorority chapter has a blog component on the website and one of our new members wrote a beautiful post today that had me reaching for a tissue. This young woman has been a part of my sisterhood for just over a week and already feels so comfortable and excited about PBX. This post shows that although there is a stereotype of Greek life it means so much more to wear letters, it is not about Lilly, monograms and pearls but rather about finding people to love on you, accept you, and help you grow. It is about the service of others, scholarship, and being a part of something greater than yourself during college and afterwards. 

If you have a free moment please read Hailey's post here. Ashley another one of our new members wrote a sweet post on her blog

I am so proud of my sisters for recruiting an amazing class of new members and for each one since together we create PBX. Ok, I will stop talking about these amazing girls for now. 
After Fall 2012's recruitment


  1. I was never part of a sorority, but it seems like it's been a life-changing experience for you!

  2. ...and THAT is what Greek life is all about!!

    1. I know! I am so proud of our new members and how they can see what greek life is about rather than the stereotypes especially in this season of Bama's scandal and Cosmo's article on hazing being constructive.


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