Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans.

Hey y'all,

It is now officially fall! I had a weekend filled with lots of fun and a splash of relaxation.

Friday kicked off with some exciting news with one of my besties, jCm and I was able to catch up via phone with guy bestie, Ty and my Mommy. I always love chatting with my mom and after an hour I let her go so I could make some dinner. While watching re-runs of the Big Bang Theory the roomie rHm, texted me asking if I wanted to go out that night. I had no plans so after we caught up on our lives and had a roomie heart to heart we got ready and headed to downtown Raleigh. We met up with one of rHm's co-workers and went to Tir na Nog an Irish pub that happened to be having an 80s night Friday. 
It was a lot of fun hearing songs from the 80s and some individuals were dressed up for the occasion (there also was a man in a kilt but I mean, what do you expect from an Irish pub). After dancing the night away and trying out Ace's Pumpkin cider, it was time to head out. 

This weekend also happened to be bike weekend in Raleigh so it was an interesting walk back to the car and I must say the walk was the most interesting thing of the night. There were at least 10 different guys who approached us asking where we were going including lines like "stop, stop, oh I just thought you were pretty and could not think of anything else to get you to stay" and a group of birthday celebrators who we had a group hug with after talking to for five minutes on the side of the street. Yep, Downtown is an interesting scene.

Saturday I was able to sleep in after all the fun the previous night/that morning, and then went to meet the little animal I will be pet sitting this weekend. Upon coming home (with Munchkins from DD) I worked on my computer again and it looks like I will be needing to replace it in the next month or so (IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR A PC LAPTOP FOR BASIC LIFE NEEDS PLEASE COMMENT BELOW ). 
The best kind of breakfast.
 Then it was time to hit the gym. I ran back home, changed and was off to Summit Kids to teach my preschoolers. After a great sermon I ran back home to change before heading to PBX's semi-formal. I was there for emergencies since the house mom had to be gone this weekend. It seemed like a lot of people had a really great time and I am glad the new members were able to have fun and dance the night away. 

Sunday started with babysitting for my PKs for the very last time. I have been with this family for half a year and I am not ready for them to move so far away though I am happy for them. I then had a migraine so a two hour nap was the way to go. After that it was some cleaning time and relaxing. I finished the day off with hot chocolate at Starbucks with my small group leader and a trip to Kroger before doing some prep work for lunches for the rest of the week. 

While Saturday was non-stop and yes I did wear a total of four different outfits that day, I was happy to have Sunday to relax and become a normal person again. I only wish I had a computer that would work outside of safe mode or have a display without squiggly lines so I could catch up on Downton and DCC: making the team 8.

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  1. That seems like a pretty busy weekend, but certainly a fruitful one!

  2. You were so busy Saturday! I'm glad you got a chance to relax yesterday some. Downtown Raleigh is so interesting, you never know who you're going to come across!


Thanks for the sweet note!