Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WILW {December 4}

Hey y'all,

This week I'm loving....

Christmas decor. Tonight after work I am going to grab the old Christmas decor out of storage and begin to make my place look festive. I mean, Polka Dot, the elf needs to visit and make sure I am being good for Santa's list....

getting back into a routine. As much as I love being home for the holidays a few days off can throw off the rest of the week. Last week I didn't do too much exercising and might have indulged a lot so it will be an interesting meeting with my health coach this week but I am back to eating right, a normal sleep schedule and I just started the She Sweats 12 Week Transformation from heandsheeatclean!

emeals. If you haven't heard of emeals they are a online meal plan service that you can select the kind of meals you would prefer and they make recipes and grocery lists for all of your meals that week. You begin by telling them your eating style, family size and some are specific to your favorite grocery store! There are over 12 different plans from slow cooker, paleoeating clean, vegetarian, portion control or gluten free to name a few. You can even switch between plans once a month. They are currently on sale right now with the code CYBER and on Groupon too! I love to cook but the whole planning, looking up recipes, etc can be daunting and this takes the guess work out of it for a little more than $3 a month!

my elf name. yes my office is silly and since it is Christmas time we might have looked up our elf names. I'm Flirty TwinkleToes and if you want to look up & list your elf name below in the comments that would be FANTASTIC!

Christmas movies. I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately. I mean, who doesn't love ABC Family's 25 days of Christmas. While I enjoy the claymation movies lately I find myself on Hulu or Netflix checking out the Christmas movie selection and I found Holiday Engagement, A Princess for Christmas and Hallmark always has A Boyfriend for Christmas on. 

Jimmy Fallon+ Rahshida Jones & Carrie Underwood. If you have not seen this song get ready for a wonderful parody involving Thanksgiving and Black Friday. "I'm Up All Night to Get Turkey" and "I don't care, I stuffed it" are pretty great. So for your enjoyment:

So this seems to be a post all about the Holidays and & Healthiness so I am off to go work out!

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  1. I really need to decorate my apartment for Christmas and emeals sounds like a great idea!



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