Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Hey y'all,

This post is going to be a bit long but it has really weighed on my heart that I had yet to finish the 30 days of thanks series I began in November. It was a great time of reflection on the big and little things that one should be thankful for daily. Here is the rest of the list and in case you missed a post from the series I included them too.

1. Faith
19. health

21. a warm coat especially on freezing days. I think it is often taken for granted that we have coats, gloves, and hats when it gets cold outside but as winter approaches and it is below freezing in the morning I am thankful for warm clothing and protection from the cold.

22. a love of reading. Yes I have a BA in English but my mom instilled in us at a young age a love of reading. We used to take weekly trips to the library and even now I will block off a good hour to spend in the library reading covers and selecting the books I take with me. I am probably not going to make my goal of 113 books but it's still possible to make it to 100. I currently have read 85 books with 19 days left to go! 

23. holiday potlucks. I love spending time with friends and family and who doesn't love a potluck. I so far have attended a Thanksgiving potluck at work and one with friends (plus thanksgiving) and have a Holiday potluck on Monday. I love getting together with people over a nice meal and just sharing time and thoughts.

24. jHl, my twin. One of my best friends from high school, and one of my close friends today is known as my twin. Yep, we call each other that. I mean Jessica & Jessie is pretty close for names and she is just one day older than me. We were in so many classes together and whenever we meet for coffee it is like we are the same person. I love being able to vent to her and just laughing over stupid things. This past Thanksgiving we were able to meet up for lunch and the movie the Book Thief and I enjoyed spending that time together. I only wish she lived closer to me :(

25. Disney. I mean, if you met 5 year old me you would understand how Disney is such a big part of my childhood and my family. When we were growing up we were not allowed to watch much TV and watching a Disney movie on VHS was a treat. My entire family is big into musicals and Disney is the best thing for us since we know all the songs and have spent many a road trip with the Best of Disney soundtrack in the car. We are kind of crazy when we play Disney Scene-It since we are all really competitive and I might have seen all of the last Disney movies to come out in the theaters but if I am a kid at heart I don't think it's a bad thing. 

26. my over-sized comforter. I love my comforter from Kate Spade. I have a Full sized bed and it being a Full-Queen it is nice and over-sized and fluffy. It's the greatest and I kind of hate leaving my bed every morning....

27. my siblings (including the cats). I have a very eclectic family and I love them all. I can't wait to see my older siblings for Christmas and to get to spend time with them since I haven't seen them a whole lot this year. Plus, you all know that my baby sister, kDi and I are close and she will be home as well, not to mention cuddling with Max and Lily.

28. clean drinking water. We made Turkey hands of what we are thankful for in my office and someone put drinking water and it made me think. We often do not even think about how clean our water is compared to other countries. I mean I even filter my tap water in a Brita but most people do not even have that luxury.

29. my planner. I am such a planner by nature and who isn't thankful for something that keeps them sane. Without my planner I have no idea what is going on.

30. Lunch Loser Tuesdays. My work friends are the greatest. Between a book club, going on shopping adventures called pantervention, and weekly lunches deemed "lunch loser tuesdays" I love coming to work and knowing that there are great people there to support and encourage me.

What have you been thankful for lately?

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