Thursday, February 27, 2014

Devotional Review {P.S. He Loves You}

Hey y'all,

I am really excited to share with you a book written by a fellow blogger. Erin James of Sweetness Itself wrote a beautiful devotional book titled, P.S. He Loves You which you can purchase HERE

Erin was really sweet to give me a copy of her book to review. The devotional is eleven days long filled with letters to the reader, bible verses and lots of beautiful photography. I do not want to give any of the devotion away but they all revolve on reminding yourself that you are completely and whole loved by God and through Him you are healed, cared for, respected, cherished and so much more. 

While a short little devotion I think it is definitely worth looking at as a refocusing of your heart when outside factors are challenging you or you just want to remind yourself that you have a Father in Heaven that loves you unconditionally and sent His only Son to rescue you from sin and death.

Also, going along with this devotional review, one of the girls in my small group sent out a link to Naptime Diaries' Lenten Journal. I just checked and yesterday was the day to order to guarantee it's arrival before Lent (which starts next Wednesday) but the journal is 40 undated journal entries so you can begin anytime that you want. I just thought I would share!

What Devotional Are You Currently Reading/Studying? What's Your Favorite Devotional? Are You Sacrificing Anything For Lent?

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