Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday

Hey y'all,

This week has been really crazy at work and through out the rest of my life so I am glad that it is (almost) the weekend. I was going to do a What I'm loving Wednesday post but why not make a 5 things I'm loving this Friday!

one. Stephanie of The Midwest Prep posted this blogpost the other day and it was like she had read my mind. I have been talking to a few of my blog friends and this is exactly what we have been feeling about the change in blogging over the past few years.

two. bid day! Today my chapter will welcome home a great group of girls! I am so proud of them and can't wait to get to know and advise other members. Spring is informal recruitment at Carolina but our girls put on an amazing week and we are welcoming home one great pledge class! Also, one of our Associate Members from last semester wrote this great blog post on recruitment! GREAT JOB CASSIDY!
The Recruitment Theme has bee "Spring into Sisterhood where Life is Good"
three. The new She Reads Truth devotional started this week. The series is on 1 John-3 John and is called Abide. Today was only the third day if you wanted to jump in and get started but I have learned so much already and a lot of it has just spoken to my heart when I read it in the morning along with my Jesus Calling devotional. This morning what shattered me was the discussion that our peers are not our measuring sticks but rather ours is our advocate and propitiation, Christ. I struggle a lot with comparison to others and it hurts our hearts since we all fall short in comparison to the worldly things but we need to shape our lives to his example and abide in Him as he fills us so we are justified before God. ISN"T THAT THE AMAZING THING! We are short but are able to be in the light of God. 
Also, on the spiritual topic, I'm loving my small group ladies as usual and can't wait for our Secret Valentine exchange in 10 days! My church's young professional ministry is having a weekly dinner series and last night's talk was on anxiety through Philippians 4:4-9 and it was another topic I think young professionals struggle with especially in comparison to our peers. We become anxious that we are not doing enough or as accomplished, or even anxious in our relationships when compared to those around us. Remember, anxiety results from our need in an idol and a collapse of faith in God. We all struggle but we must be steadfast and not moved through the suffering.

four. the Olympics have begun! I am so excited! Did y'all watch the moguls or team ice skating yesterday? I have already decided that I need to be up by 9am Saturday for more ice skating! I also might have been talking to friends last night about going to learn curling at the Triangle Curling Club. Yep, the Olympics are great and the Opening Ceremony is tonight! Hopefully I will be able to catch some of it after bid day celebrations!

five. Caroline G Shop necklace club. I first found Caroline G Shop thanks to Molly and I am so impressed! I mean, who wouldn't be when you find out Carrie has one fantastic store, a great blog and a huge heart for the Lord. Carrie actually attend the same church as I and we have a few friends in common. Maybe one of these days we will even meet but for now I will revel in my birthday present to myself. Carrie created a necklace club. After signing up you receive a new necklace at the end of every month. It averages to under $13 per necklace and each is valued between $30-$50! I know she no longer has any spots available but follow along and she might have a new CGClub soon! My first necklace is this beauty and you can find it in Carrie's store in many colors here.

Honorable Mentions: This post on what not to tell single girls. I am content in my singledom since it has been my entire life and I am happy for my friends in their various stages of relationships but these phrases get to me as well.

What are you loving this weekend?


  1. Congratulations on your newest new member class! I'm leaving New Jersey today where they just finished recruitment two days ago (they have deferred recruitment in the spring) and gained 27 new members! What an exciting time :-) I hope you have a great weekend and get to watch as much ice skating as your heart desires! xo, Alyssa at Southern Abundance

  2. Congrats on your bid day! It is like Christmas all over again :)

    And I read Stephanie's post as well, and I feel like it's time that bloggers stop hiding behind the perfect photoshopped world and admit that they have the same struggles as their readers.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Love that blog post from The Midwest Prep- definitely a good reality check for when I get caught up in the comparisons and feeling inferior! Thanks for sharing :)


Thanks for the sweet note!