Friday, March 6, 2015

February Favorites {2015}

Hey y'all,

I have seen a few bloggers post about their favorite things and I have always loved watching beauty bloggers post their monthly favorites so I thought I would join the band wagon.

Knit Infinity Scarf. This past month has included some crazy weather in North Carolina (think 6 inches of snow) so I have been loving the super warm scarf my bestie, aMl, got me for Christmas. It is so soft and warm and has made these freezing temperatures bearable.

Hard Boiled Eggs. I recently got back into eating hard boiled eggs. I love boiling them on Sunday evenings and storing them in my fridge for the week. They are perfect to top a salad or to make deviled eggs with. 

Kodiak Cakes Pancake Mix. Y'all, the Kodiak Cakes Power pancake mix is delicious and has a ton of protein in it so you will feel nice and full all morning. This has been so handy since one of my favorite snow day traditions is making pancakes. This mix just requires water so it's so simple. Check out Target to find the mix!
Patagonia Fleece. For Christmas my parents got me my second Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T pullover. These fleece pullovers are perfect in the winter and I wear both of mine constantly. I have a berry colored one as well as a royal blue one. Since Patagonia just released their spring colors in the Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover, a lot of the past colors are on sale, including the blue one I have. Check it out here.
Lips are Moving Station. Thanks to Dorothy's post a while back I created a "Lips are Moving" Station on Pandora. It is the perfect station for working out to. I love creating Pandora Stations and then taking those songs I like and making a full playlist on Spotify.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. During my snow days and delays, when I wasn't cooking up a storm, catching up on netflix, or working out I did a couple different beauty things like painting my nails, taking a bubble bath and falling back in love with the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. This minty masque is under $5 and really helps your skin by absorbing excess oils.

My last favorite of the month are my parents. They were so sweet to visit and celebrate my birthday. I felt completely spoiled and very loved and I had so much fun just catching up with them since I hadn't seen them since Christmas time. 

What are your favorite things/events from February?


Thanks for the sweet note!