Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Topic {I'm a Bridesmaid}

Hey y'all,

This past weekend, one of my sorority sisters and best friends,lSc, asked me to join her bridal party! I'm so excited for her to become Mrs. R next June but until then there will be lots of planning and parties and I will of course bring y'all along the way. 

So quick background: I can't remember how I met lSc, seriously, it feels like we have been friends forever. I know she joined Phi Beta Chi the Fall of our sophomore year and we were pretty much inseparable that whole year. We share a love of monograms, Disney, weddings, and so much more. We had some rocky years but by Senior year we were back to normal. lSc is the one that forces me to Barre 3 classes, will totally drink a glass of wine with me whenever I need it, complain about my hometown and how there is nothing to do there(she went to high school in my town), or is there for a good laugh.I'm so excited for her and Mr. R and seriously might have screamed a little when I got the "We're ENGAGED" text.
 Now that you are all caught up, I thought I would share how I was asked to be a bridesmaid this past weekend. lSc sent us all invitations to meet at a building on UNC's campus and wait for all to arrive before meeting her at the Old Well. It was nice to catch up with friends as we headed her way, as well as meet her cousin AP. We excitedly made our way to the Old Well where lSc and her parents were waiting for us. After hugs, we all got monogramed boxes and were told to all open them at the same time. 

Inside the boxes were vintage handkerchiefs, a sweet card, pictures of us (mine included pictures of lSc and I at sorority functions, waiting in the cold for Carolina basketball, and a photo of when we climbed the Bell Tower), some idea of the dresses she likes, and then cards filled with information including the date of the wedding, information on our attire, our responsibilities, information on the groomsmen, and a sheet about us for those who don't know each other well. 
After taking some photos and lots of talking we made our way to TOPO (Top of the Hill) where we sipped on mimosas and had brunch, catching up and talking about the wedding. It was the perfect way to round out the celebrations. 

Since it was also the date of the Duke/Carolina game when we were leaving TOPO, we spotting the Travelocity Roaming Gnome on the elevator. Well, one of the bridesmaids, ES, talked about wanting to find him and take a picture so when we spotted him we went on a mini adventure around Franklin street to stop the Gnome and grab a picture. Here is a photo of all of us and the gnome.
After our impromptu adventure, we headed back towards campus and stopped in at the Yogurt Pump (aka YoPo) for a sweet treat before heading home.
It was a great Saturday (well until the Carolina-Duke game that night) but I loved spending it with some sweet friends. Now to plan a movie night to watch Bridesmaids together.

Have you ever been a bridesmaid?
If you are a bride, how did you ask your girls?


  1. How exciting! It is definitely wedding season - I'm gonna be a bridesmaid twice this year :) So much happy.

    1. That is exciting! I attending four weddings last year, I was the maid of honor in one of them but I have a break so far this year. Have fun at the weddings and thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is such a cute way to ask...I love that she gathered y'all all together!

    We did a Chapel Hill getaway a few years ago and I still to this day crave Top of the Hill's pulled pork mac-n-cheese! Amazing!


Thanks for the sweet note!