Sunday, June 10, 2012

4 years ago....

Hey y'all,

I already did a post today including a link-up so I didn't want that one to be so long=BONUS post of the day. So exactly 4 years ago I graduated high school. It is so strange to think that I am currently done with schooling. In a few days it will officially be one month since my college graduation from the University of North Carolina. So I figured it was time to do a past four years/my time at college post. Between studying for my English major or either of my minors here is what I got up to.

My Bestie, aMl and I after our HS graduation.
It's weird to think that we are now both College grads now. aMl graduated yesterday!!!
First Year

I joined Phi Beta Chi and gained 100+ sisters
I gained the best Big Sister EVER! I <3 sCa
Went to lots of football games.
Celebrated my 19th Birthday!
First Formal
Sophomore Year
Spent the year with the best roomies (and two sisters)
Gained a gorgeous and sweet Little. bBk
Picking Cotton at the Barn Party

Spent Spring Retreat with some of my Best Friends/Sisters.
Junior Year
Roomies/Apartmentmates at a Football Game
Big/Little during recruitment.
Went to the State Fair in the Fall
I added to the Fam by taking another Little! mGk
Formal with one of my best guy friends.
Senior Year
Drinking from the Old Well on the first day for luck!
Football Games in the Fall.....
The Fish Fam grew with the addition of the sweet and crafty, sCg.
Went to the Nutcracker with my roommates.
Spent lots of time with the baby sister. kDi
Gained the last member of the fam. Grandlittle #2 kBm
The Fam's all here.

There is so much that has happened over the past four years but a lot of my happiness and love comes from the girls I am proud to call my sisters. From living with them, have an amazing family, and all of my friends from PBX I can never fathom UNC without the blessing of my sisters.

Peace and Blessings,

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