Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WILW {June 20}

Hey y'all,

On this first day of summer I'm loving....

....spending time by the pool. It was the perfect day to lounge on a pool bed and read during the afternoon.

...that I bit the bullet and ordered the Erin Condren life planner. Now to wait until it arrives. I think it might kill me to wait that long.

...the Lifeguard Press Lilly Pulitzer stickers. This would have been perfect if I was still in school so I am going to buy some of the sorority sheets and some of the academic ones and send them up to my sorority family to use in their planners. SO CUTE! There is even a family themed one here.
Lilly Pulitzer Academic Sticker Set
Lilly Pulitzer Greek Sticker Set
....while on the Lifeguard Press website I  rediscovered my love of these Jonathan Adler Die-cut notepads. The second I get a job and desk to decorate these guys are going into my cart for purchase. They are so cute and a great way to jot down a note and decorate a desk.

also look at these adorable magnets. They are perfect for my Lilly magnet board.
...that Disney/Pixar's new movie Brave comes out THIS FRIDAY! As a Disney lover, a girl with some Irish heritage and the fact that I studied Celtic Art, this is the PERFECT movie for me.

....SWAPS. I love the blog swaps I am participating in as well as looking for the perfect gift for my partners. Its a great way to find new blog reads and have lots of fun creating mini gift baskets. I'm thinking about hosting a school supply swap. I personally love finding cute school supplies and I think it would be great to host one in July/August so people could have an adorable "first day of school" gift filled with cute and useful items. Thoughts? Anyone want to co-host?

What are you loving this week?
Peace and Blessings,


  1. I am obsessed with my Erin Condren life planner.. the waiting is the worst part!

  2. I love school supplies!! Such cute picks!

  3. Oh, the note pads are so adorable!! Thanks for sharing!


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