Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Dr. Dad

Hey y'all,

It is now Father's Day so I am wishing all fathers out there a spectacular day to remember all the great things that you do. An especially big shout out goes to Dr. Dad or Daddy-Daddy as I call him. I am blessed with a wonderful pair of parents and my father is one of the most important people in my life and I know whenever I find the perfect husband he for sure will need to pass Daddy's expectations.

My Dad has taught me so much over the years including everything a girl needs to know about football, how to make perfect pancakes, an appreciation for art especially European churches, to love the US of A and appreciate all the military members fighting for our freedom, that education is very important, to have a sense of humor with life, NASCAR is a sport, that he knows every disease on Grey's Anatomy before they figure it out but will still watch it with me, and what to look for in a great guy AND SO MUCH MORE.

So here is to you Daddy Daddy! HAPPY FATHER's DAY!

Daddy, myself and baby sis right before her High School graduation.
Yes my Daddy puts random blowups on our lawn at Christmas.
This is "retired " Santa that came the year he retired from the military after 30+ years.

Daddy helping me move into Carolina August 2008
Parent's Weekend 2008
Graduation from UNC!
THROWBACK. circa 1992. Daddy and me holding my baby sis kDi.

And here are some songs that remind me of my Daddy....
What he always threatens to do:

Tearful songs....

Peace and Blessings,

ps. I'll post about my Father's Day gift tomorrow.

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