Friday, June 29, 2012

Everything in it's place...Bookshelf

Hey y'all,

As promised here are a few pictures of my reorganized bookshelves. This week I was finally able to move my small bookshelf from my college apartment to my room at my parent's house. My entire family is filled with readers and everyone has at least one bookshelf in their room but my bookshelf had gotten crowded with books from my English classes along with my teen/childhood books. The addition of more bookshelf space was the perfect decision and a great way to spend an afternoon on my day off this week. As a book lover I figured I would share this little corner of my room.

 Much more organized.

The Whole Bookshelf.
Top 2 Shelves: Chick Lit.
Shelf 3: Paranormal Romance/Series
Shelf 4: Romance Novels and Behind Those Other Random Series/Trilogies
Bottom Shelf: Year Books, Random Teen Series/Teen Novels, etc.
I had to take the cookbooks off the shelf but that's ok since they belong with my kitchen items anyway.
THE OTHER SHELF aka. Classics/English Class/"Smart" Books
Organized by Publisher, then alphabetical by Author. Also, the lamb is Phi Beta Chi's symbol so that is why some of my  lambs are by my letters.

The Bottom Shelf=Anthology, Shakespeare and all of my Jane Austen books and spin-offs.
Now that you have peeked into a corner of my room I am off to enjoy the rest of the day poolside since according to it is 105 with a heat index of 110!!!!!

Stay cool and let me know what you are reading!

Peace and Blessings,


  1. You have so many books! This makes me smile:) Nice work - everything looks like it's in its proper place. Have an awesome weekend, girl!

    1. Thank you! Part of my collection comes from the local library has discard sales where books are under a dollar. It's perfect!

  2. Oh my gosh you have so many books! I'm so jealous. Love how you organized all your books into categories. And I also love that Jane Austen action funny!

    1. Thank you! I got the Jane figure for Christmas my Senior Year of High School. I think it's funny to see author action figures rather than G.I Joes.

  3. I love how many books you have!! My office in the house my fiance and I are renovating has floor to ceiling bookshelves on one wall. I have big plans for it :).


Thanks for the sweet note!