Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday Loves...

Hey y'all,

This is a list of some of my favorite things this week....

I'm loving....

...that today was my day off! I got to spend the majority of the day relaxing. It was quite perfect minus the humidity going on here in NC.

...adding tabs to my blog. I spent some time last night in designing my blog and added a few tabs for those who want to know more about me or some of my favorite blog reads.

... spending time outside after dinner reading by the pool. This is the second evening I have been home and had time to grab a drink, my current book and head out back.

...the free beauty bag I received from Target arrived today filled with goodies and coupons!

...burning candles in my room as I read late at night. I could never burn them during college so I am obsessed right now with ones I grabbed at Bath and Body Works last summer.

...the library. Where else can you live a million stories over the summer without paying a dime. Plus, my overflowing bookshelf appreciates my use of the public library.
...catching up with old friends. Friday I am catching up with one of my best friends from high school, my "twin" jHl has almost the same name as me and was born a day before me. It is going to be great catching up with her. Also on Friday my best friend returns from the North after her graduation and will be here in NC before she takes on D.C. as a teacher for TFA(Teach for America) in the Fall.

...the saying on this tank:
...and these pins/ecards:
More like True Blood and Suits returning this week.

I love my monogrammed Tervis (mine is jDl in hot pink). I carry it everywhere over the summer. 

Did you link up today?

Also, I am thinking about getting an Erin Condren planner now that her 2012-2013 planners are out. As much as I loved my Lilly Planner over the last school year I am always itching for a new planner. Thoughts? Do you have one? Pro-Con list? HELP ME OUT!

Peace and Blessings,


  1. i love the pink sangria scent!! :)

  2. Hope you enjoyed your day off! Love the post.

  3. I love S&Co! Some of my favorite candles have come from Bath & Body :)

  4. I got my free Target beauty bag this week too. I'm totally loving all the goodies


Thanks for the sweet note!