Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sorority Chat Saturday: Big/Little Day Themes

Hey y’all,

So here is to another edition of Sorority Chat Saturday! Since I love Big/Little I figured we could stay on that topic for a while. Most chapters have specific guidelines for each day’s theme but today I thought I would imagine a few theme days if you are left on your own or I you need some inspiration.

I know that a lot of little’s gain canvases but think of outfitting your little’s dorm room and future room in the house. Think of painting a tv table for her nightstand, a stool, blankets, a market tote filled with picture frames, family tree, letters, monogram, a vase filled with fake flowers, candle holders, a bow holder, a chalkboard, memoboard, mirrors, a craft box for when she takes a little/crafts for her space in the house. Think of jewelry trays or paint a small plate for her nightstand jewelry or favorite perfumes.

Relaxation Day.
I don’t know about you but I have always loved a good sleepover. Think of including in your basket a pillow (monogrammed or with letters), a stuffed animal of your sorority’s animal, pajamas, slippers, sleep mask (dollar store/Michael's), nail polish or a gift certificate for a big/little main/pedi date before the next formal, fun chick flicks (WalMart $5 bins), tickets to a movie for a big/little date (Safe Haven anyone?), candles, lotions, fuzzy socks, popcorn, favorite soda, the options are endless.

School Days.
Your number one priority in college is of course classes so give your little lots of fun items to motivate her and keep that high fam GPA. Fun items include a customized clipboard, a fun corkboard/dry erase board, a stack of notebooks (you can find lots of fun personalized ones on etsy or pick up some Vera Bradley or Lilly Pulitzer ones), a cup full of fun pens/pencils/highlighters or even a monogrammed makeup bag turned pencil holder. You could even include a planner, post-its and the Lilly Greek and Academic Sticker Sets. Also think of things you would pack for a trip to the library…a monogrammed baseball cap, hair ties, a cute sweatshirt, a tumbler, snacks, etc. You could include an Llbean boat tote with letters or your monogram as the transport for this day.

Favorite Things/All About Her.
My sororities Big/Little pairing includes a long survey including fun questions  about favorite things and is a great way to learn about all the new members and potential bigs. However, if your sorority does not include those things Facebook is a great way to learn some of her favorite things. Create a basket that is all about her favorite things: baked goods, board games, flowers, gift cards to her favorite store or restaurant, favorite candy, drinks, tv shows, movies, canvases with her favorite quotes, and of course have everything wrapped in her favorite color and patterns, monogrammed items.

Letters/Family Traditions.
I know that Big/Little is the beginning of gaining lots of things with letters on them! It is such an exciting time as a new member and helps you begin to acclimate to your family and your sisters in a more one on one relationship. Think of nontraditional ways to give your little letters: bows, hats, plaques, pillowcases, and things that she will keep as an alum: memo boards, wooden letters for her apartment, small symbols and picture frames.

A Week of Outfits.
Fill a laundry basket full of t-shirts (letter shirts and family heirlooms), hats, bows, hairties, nike tempos, sweatshirts and pullovers, pajamas, shower shoes you paint-pen her name on, lots of fun colored socks (Target/Forever 21) and some jewels that connect to her (monogram) or your sorority (symbol/lavalier/etc) and a few monogrammed towels. If you know your little’s favorite stores find small items to give her like jewelry for the next formal.

School Spirit.
Think coozies, a cooler, school shirts, bows, canvases, and sports décor. I think most girls love their school and I can tell you I love my Alma Mater, I mean I work there now so anything that connects to Carolina and is Carolina Blue would be a welcome addition to my home. You could easily make some coasters, make a coozie via etsy or HayMarket Designs, buttons that read “Phi Beta Chi loves the Heels,” include pictures from gamedays, and paint cute glasses or tumblers.

Beach Day. Snow Day
If you have a spring Big/Little time think of a basket for her spring break: fun sunglasses, magazines, hats, painted cooler, lots of neon, tanks, flipflops, tumblers, sunscreen, lotion, body spray, beach towel, disposable cameras, re-usable bags like Lilly’s with a vinyl monogram or even a cooler bag,etc. If it is fall think scarves, hot chocolate/tea and a mug, fuzzy slippers, a mug, candles, pumpkin baked goods, hats and gloves, and anything you would need for a nice snowy day.

Small Gestures.
I think sometimes the small gestures matter. Think of painting a small cooler and delivering it filled with food to her one evening, have an a capella group deliver her flowers, send her a rose on Monday and ask if she will be your little, send a candy message, decorate her dorm room or her door, chalk the sidewalk she walks to class. The small things often make a big impact on a Little’s Big/Little Week experience.

I love to look at Pinterest, DollarStore Crafts, Facebook’s Big/Little Connection, and etsy for inspiration. I also think that clues are a fun way to connect to your little/throw her off of you/confuse her is she suspects that you are her Big. I am sure that each of y’all can think of even more ideas!

Remember that you control how much you spend on your little so search fun places like T.J. Maxx and Homegoods for fun décor and cute stationary, the dollar store, Target, search out sales at craft stores and you can begin to collect non-specific things throughout the year leading up to when you take her. Think of focusing on your school and sorority colors and symbols and you can quickly collect lots of small things before you even meet your little.

What was your big/little week like? Any themes I forgot?

ps. Shoutout to my grandlittle kBm who I know is reading this with lKe as well :)


  1. Oh my goodness I love all of these!!!!

    1. Thank you!Too bad I didn't have Pinterest and etsy when I took my littles.


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